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Gibson SG Tune O Matic Bridge


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I have an SG with the standard tune o matic bridge. Recently one of the screw posts has raised itself almost 1/2" higher than the bridge body and is scratching my hand as I play.

1) How do I screw the post back into the body?

2) Should the saddles all face the same way?

3) Should the saddle adjustments face the neck or face the guitar bottom?

Thanks all.


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1) I think that the overall screw length is adjustable from the underside of the post (inside the bushing). At least I think that's the way it is on mine. Careful of the finish if you're gonna pop the bushing out, I've never had to do it to one mounted in the body already- just messing around with it when I bought the bridge.

2) I think on mine the first 3 face one way and the last 3 face the opposite way.

3) Mine face the bottom.

Hope this helps.


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That is a help on the saddle side, but the posts look like they go straight into the body. Mine does not have a bushing. I suppose I could pull the pickguard and see what's underneath, but I don't want to tear the whole thing apart and suffer the possible 'why do I have all these parts leftover' scenario.

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