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Help! Grounding Issue!


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I’m having a strange grounding issue with my build. I had been using a wireless cable all this while and there was no hum from the pickups. But then I decided to try a wire analog cable to check difference in tone and there was serious hum. I think I have identified the problem - it’s my ground wire from the vol pot to the bridge. It’s a tele style bridge and pickup and so I thought I need to ground the wire such that it rests under the bridge in contact with the bridge right? This is how I’ve done it on previous guitars. But on this build it’s not working! I touch the wire to the guitar wood, the bridge, a copper shield pressed against the wood and even bridge, etc. but nothing. The hum only stops when I hold the wire against my fingers. This tells me that to solve the problem I just need to ground the wire somehow but I can’t figure out how. See pic below for the wire in question. Thanks for your help! 

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8 minutes ago, henrim said:

Looks like your bridge and plate are painted. Scratch the paint off of the places where you need electrical contact.

Ah! I was wondering about that! Let me try this. Thanks so much for the suggestion 

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