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Binding - Is it hard?


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I plan to do a material finish on a guitar soon, and im deciding on whether or not i should put binding on the edges or just do a poor mans burst.

So, how hard is binding? Is it easy enough that a beginner could give it a go and end up with a nice result?

Also, is there any issues with binding on a guitar with a material finish on the top i should be aware of?

Thanks :D

- Dan

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Binding isn't as hard as you might think. The correct supplies are necessary. The binding can be purchashed from Stew-Mac or LMI. You will need a cement.....I prefer the thicker cement that LMI stocks....and I'd recommend the binding tape that either vendor has available....This tape is a much stronger tape than masking tape ......Both of these suppliers will have everything you will need, including bindings and router bits specifically for bindings.

You will need to route the ledge that the binding will sit on.....be sure the rabbit(ledge), depth and height, corresponds with the binding thickness. After having this task completed, I like to shape the binding by hand to the contours of the guitar's edge. I start at the back strap button with the center of the of the binding, laying down a bead of binding cement...abouy 3 or 4 inches at a time......not too much cement because it will have to be cleaned up later. Lay the binding onto the ledge and using binding tape, about every inch, pulling the binding as snuggly as possible into the ledge. Repeat these steps along the entire length of your ledge....Now you'll see why masking tape isn't so great for taping bindings....masking tape will tear quickly.

You CAN use thick superglue for your cement, but trust me, the working time is too short, not to mention the glued fingers!

After the cement has set, you can tidy-up and level the binding using a single edge razor blade as a scraper.

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