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oops, I broke it

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about 7 years ago I was given a Westone "Dynasty" in pieces (I didn't find out exactally what it was until recently). It's a mid-'80's guitar...kind of looks like a flying v with a bit of B.C. rich thrown in.....it's really cool lookin', and I don't like most "metal" guitars. I wanted to put a picture on here but my HD was recently wiped clean.....anyways, around christmas time I dropped an emg in it, and decided to give the bridge a nice thorough cleaning. It's a non-Floyd fulcrum style that originally had a locking nut (the original neck is missing...tis the way I got it). The strings latch into a forked 'J' shaped metal piece, the top of the 'J' is what contacts the fine tuners, and the bottom of the 'J' is the forked part that holds the string. each string has one (obviously), and they all pivot on a thin metal bar that nestles between the bridge plate and trem block. The one on the low E string was different than all of the other ones, presumably because it was replaced at one point. Anyways I was cleaning the bridge, the 'b' string one looked kind of bent....I grabbed my needle-nose and *SNAP* B):D ....I checked all of the common parts distributors (stew-mac, all-parts, etc) with no luck....last week I tried to mold one out of some stuff called JB weld, but predictably the bond didn't hold.....I know I could always convert it to a hardtail, but money is tight right now (unless anybody wants to buy a kidney off of me or somethin' :D ) anyhelp finding a replacement part or suggestions on fashioning a new one would be great and I would thank you a million times.

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I forgot --one more thing.....I don't use the trem at all.....suggestion's on mod'ing the trem to bypass the whole problem all together would be greatly appreciated as well....



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