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Oak, Maple and Black Walnut

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This is my first project and afther lurking here for a while (diggin' into the old archives aswell) I finally ordered some wood from a local lumberyard. I have a solid piece of plain maple now and the (requested) bubinga wasnt in yet. After I explained to an old dude that works there (and was VERY helpfull with planing and sanding it down to the correct thickness) what I wanted it for he said I could use oak aswell since its properties are kinda the same. I just know he doesnt have a clue about the tone etc, but he cut a piece of oak in the same thickness and length as the maple and the weight only differs a little. The only 'downside' to oak he said was the pores, but that could be taken care of.

Is he correct in this? Is (good quality) oak as good as maple or is he just unaware of the differences?

Also, since he didnt get my bubinga yet he offered a few pieces of black walnut for a decent price so i could experiment (7mm thick, planed and i think just enough for 3 tops). Now that I have them I kinda like it better than the bubinga :D

I also bought the oak, so Im gonna use that to experiment first with a walnut top. Any chance this would sound any good? (the color combo of oak and walnut actually is real nice).

hmm, long story but I would like to know about the oak vs. maple thing.


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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Oak is very pourous, and will eat grain filler. It has much the same tome as maple, a bit darker tho. I would think it is a tad heavy for a body, but it its what you want, do it. I would add some chambers.

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