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Warped MOP?

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It's very- very -very normal for a bivalve ( clam/oyster/etc..) shell to be curved.

They ARE curved. They are also varying thicknesses.

What is not normal is to see such cheap work in making blanks. :D

Making a properly thicknessed blank takes proper planning, and slabbing techniques. B)

What you got is just some thinly sliced shell, maybe sanded a little flat in some areas. :D

Shell doesn't warp, although it can be bent and flattened with the proper steaming techniques, which I personally know nothing about, but that it can and is done to make some of the newer type prepared shell materials.

You can work around it, by laying out your patern in the flattest areas as you design your cuts, but that may be more effort than it's worth.

I would be very carefull to watch the thickness and curve in the areas used.


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