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Pickup location!!!???!!???

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Hey its the stupid retarded sander down the paint guy. I am thinking of added pickups on my neckthru bass it has two jazz pickups routed for it, like the factory, I waht to added a humbucker, Should i put the humbucker where the tail jazz was and route that out and could I route for the jazz in front of the jazz existing hole really close to the neck? Get what I am saying guyz? It would be like 1/4 to the fret board? Bad idea?? Would it weaken the body and neck? where should i put it leave it out? dont like pickups where i spank my bass, gets in the way of my fingees

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Check out the page and download the tunes from my old band tell me what you think?


Thanks for the replies

i take critijism well so be harsh kiddies!

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If I understand what youre saying, you are wondering whether to rout for the humbucker centered on the neck J pickup, or to rout a NEW hole, next to the J pickup's hole, nearer to the neck. Right?

Well, assuming you don't want a big gaping hole, rout right smack dab over the neck J hole.

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