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Need sum help with my Wood! LOL

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Wassup all? Im just wondering what kind of wood would be a good one to use in building a guitar...im going to start soon on building a solid body Electric...and Im wondering what would be a good type of wood that aint too expensive? Im thinking either Agathis or Alder/Maple. If there is anything of equal quality or about the same that isnt too much I would be glad for sum help...thx in advance

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Alder, poplar, ash, and bass wood are pretty cheap.

Ramparts has good wood descriptions tone wise.

If you want a mahogany like sound, meranti and luan are offbreeds of mahogany.

Ebay has some killer deals on wood. I picked up some black limba for $32.10 incl shipping.

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Rather than starting with the price of the wood, start with the desired end result. Then price the wood. Otherwise, you might put time, effort, and money into a guitar you don't want. Then how much money have you saved?

Guitar Ed

Opinions are like @@sholes. And I just showed you mine.

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well, what kind of tone are you wanting to get out of this guitar?

wood type makes a world of tonal difference.

mahagony(purty expensive tho) it very dark and warm.

basswood is very light and soft, it's in between mahagony and alder on the bright scale. as a result, it's very midrangey.

alder and ash are near the same, but different. ash is very bright and under high gain it can be really harsh. i love alder. it is close to ash but not as bright. the best strats are made of alder, imo

poplar and ash are pretty close the the same as far as tone goes, ash is better. poplar is about as cheap as it gets, i think.

basswood is very versatile and cheap. it's also easy to work with because it's soft. this is what i would recommend to you if this is your first homemade guitar. just don't install pickups that are very high in the midrange, unless you like tons of mids. high mid peaks bug me. also keep in mind since this is a very light and soft wood, it tends to ding really easily.

good luck and i hope everything goes well,


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