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It goes to show, even an expensive guitar has to fall to it's enviroment!

I don't usually play standing up, but, just recently, while I was sitting down, the rear strap lock's screw just slide straight out of the body of my Ibanez JS10th.

This seems to be a continuing problem with Ibanez's Luthite guitars, I think they need to have a look at the drill sizes they're choosing. There was almost no grip on the threads of the screw. It looks like the guy's who chose the drill sizes haven't cleared the holes out before testing the screw's fit, as there was a bit of machining dust in the screw's thread.

I wanted to know what the best idea would be to resurface the screw thread again; I need to repack the hole.

The guitar is made from Luthite, a type of plastic. So I REALLY don't want to risk using any form of Cyno glue, as it'll probably haze or blemish the plastic surrounding it.

I also doubt that packing wood into the hole using PVC to bind it will stick to the surface either.

My only thought is to put a few drops of slow curing epoxy into the hole and then reinsert the screw, letting it set in place. I have enough trouble using a screw driver around the guitar, so a hand drill armed with a razor sharp bit spinning 3000 times a minute would be asking for it.

So, I could really use any advice from the guys here who've had to do this themselves!

Best wishes,


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I have had to do this a few times, what i have found works best for me is MILLIPUT it is a two part epoxy putty. I have used it on wood and luthite guitars. I fill the hole with the putty then put the screw straight in and leave it to set ( about 24 hours) Make sure you do it rigth first time tho because you will find it very hard to get the screw out once this stuff sets lol. Hope this helps. :D

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