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Sanding to 400 removes scratches from previous grits. If you just roughsand the body, the grain filler will actually fill sanding scratches along with the grain. Then you'll need to sand the wood back to get rid of those - and most likely remove enough grain filler to necesitate another coat... Wood prep is by far the most important step in acheiving a good finish. If it was easy, everyone would have foot-deep finishes...

I'd also submitt that 120 is a bit too rough for the next step...the grit can actually reach in and pull out the filler. Apply the filler, let is dry for a bit, then remove with an old credit card. 220 should be plenty to remove the remaining filler from the surface..then 400 - and be sure to use a cork block or something flat.

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I scrape across the grain, not with it. It does not scratch at all. Infact you'll need to do very little sanding as you can scrape the filler off to leave a very smooth surface. I've tried the plastic scraper that stewmac sells (with the rubber wiper) and it doesn't work nearly as well as an old Credit Card.

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