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Gold Cover Pickup


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I'm well on a tight budjet (managed to get some freebees :D ) and well I need some gold cover pickups but most of them run around $70 a pop. Thats $140 for pickups and I think I should be able to slap that price down. If anyone know where I could get cheaper pickups that would be sweet.


One like this

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As long as they are the right size covers for the pickup (and most humbuckers are the same size as most covers, with few exceptions) it is simple. You put the cover on the pickup and put a little dab of solder on both sides of the bottom to hold it in place and keep it from vibrating and causing unwanted noice. I usually just solder in the center of the long edge, just a little spot so it can easily be removed later. Look around at the bottoms of some covered humbuckers and you'll see what I'm saying.

You can kinda see in this picture I found online where the solder is and how much to use.


Oh, yeah! I almost forgot the obvious... make sure the holes in the cover line up correctly with the adjustable pole pieces.

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