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My personal project

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Well it's coming along, slowly :D I wanted some of your guy's opnions too. So far it's going (for sure) to have:

Bigsby bridge (trem)

Sperlez locking tuners

2 humbucking (I might change my mind alittle) w push/pull pots (don't want too much knobs, switches, ect..)

and a lot of other stuff(of course), but I want your input for the type of body. I've never done a neck-through, and I want this guitar to be different, but I don't want to take a risk because I will use this guitar to perform. What do you think? Neck through or bolt on?

Thanks B):D

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Guest AlexVDL

I'd go for a bolt-on with a nice sort of AANJ (all access neck joint). I made a guitar with neck thru and my headstock once broke when it fell sitting in the case. I must say it's a damn hard job to get it right again. If I had made it bolt on I would just have made a new neck or bought a prefabricated one. A good bolt-on neck could sound as good as a neck thru and with an AANJ you won't feel any heel or some sort if you do it right. But that's my opinion. I love the looks of a neck thru though!


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Intersting answer - I too would go for a bolt on - partly because I'm a coward, but also because I don't think the 'gain' in sound is worth the work and potential problems from accidental damage.

Interested in this all access neck joint - I've not played an instrument thus fashioned, and wonder how the tele shape could be modified to maintain the character of the guitar, but improve the top neck access while maintaining the strength of the joint? I'd certainly think about doing this myself, when I get around to building my own tele.


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