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Finish On Fretboard.

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I have Dean 88 that I am customizing. I feel I will do some different inlays on it. I dont like dots. I think the fretboard is ebony, but im not sure. When I bought this guitar the fretboard was grimy. It took me... about an hour to get all the nastyness off. Its a black wood fretboad, which makes me want to think that its ebony. It has this... Finish on it also. Its smooth, and you can see the woodgrain through it when you turn it in light. I dont know if I should take it off, Or leave it on. http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/91ada91/bc/...cP19f.ARNxu3EB3 Thats a picture. (if it worked). Thanks-scott

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