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Rubbing compound

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Hello there. I'm new here so please be gentle! :D

the past few months i have been spraying a cheap strat body with orange paint and I am nearing a point where i will be moving to the clear coats (got my can of auto lacquer ready in the shed). I am not expecting to be lucky enough to get a magically perfect set of clear coats so i am just about to order a few things (1200 grit wet or dry and a sanding block) from screwfix.

for the final coat I'm looking for some rubbing compound but I'm a bit stuck on what to get


the choices seem to be G3, G10 or hand glaze and they are all quite expensive. I presume hand glaze is the stuff i want or am i looking at the wrong stuff entirely?

if someone could just give me a little nudge in the right direction that would be great.

Thanks B)


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They both look like they would do the trick. There are numerous products out there that will help you finish your finish :D . And I'm sure others will approach that area with different methods. I like to wetsand up to the finest grit I can find, depending on supplies available. At times I've managed to find 2000 and 2500 grit. A local autobody supply store carries Meguiar's polishes, I use the Step 2 - Deep Crystal Polish, it really gives the finish that wet look. Many other people use this line of products on their guitars. Stay away from silicon based waxes and polishes, eg. Turtle wax/polish etc. they have detrimental effects when in contact with laquer.

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2500?! :D I didnt know the stuff existed. I think i might have to pop to Halfords and look in the paint section and see what they have there! Stuff can be so hard to find in the UK. Thanks for your help!! B)

Try a few of the motor factors - I've found a huge variety of grits in them!

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Lol, it IS still pretty rare around here. I live in Victoria, BC and usually go down to JB Autobody supply. The last time I went inquiring about 2500 grit the guy checked out the entire inventory for JB Autobody (all their branches) on his computer. "Hmmm, we have a piece over on Saltspring Island...". :DStewmac carries a line of micromesh sandpapers ranging right up to 12,000 grit if you are in an ordering mood.

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