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Glue or screws?

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At some point, everyone was saying that set-neck has more sustain because of the better energy transfer. However, if you think about it, the energy transfer should be better on a bolt-on since you have a direct wood to wood contact (assuming you don't have paint in the neck pocket) while the glue joint on a set neck could absorb or "rebound" vibrations from the string.

What is true however is that both type of construction will usually have a slightly different kind of tone, the bolt-on being snappier with more attack. It's one of the many reasons a LP does not sound like a Strat (no, it's not just the pickups). Yes the LP has a very good sustain, but factor in the different woods, the angled peghead, the TOM bridge (vs tremolo), and you'll realize it's not just the neck joint.

A set neck allows you some additionnal carving of the neck heel.

As for "serviceability", I don't really care because if the tone your looking for calls for a glue-in neck, why bother about the additionnal hour of work that it will require IF you do need to remove the neck. I've owned 6-7 guitars over the past 10 years and I've had to remove one neck only and I could've repaired it while on the guitar (but since it was bolt-on, yes it only took 2 minutes to remove).

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Cheers. I can see how the tone could be effected slightly by a glue joint but I can't see it making that much of a difference.

To find out, one would have to build 2 identical guitars with a different neck joint :D

I've always dreamed of building like 4-5 identical Strats with different body woods to decide which I prefer better. Ahhhh if I was rich and had tons of spare time...

There's an interesting web page: http://www.musicplayer.com/lounge/guides/guitar3.htm

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