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Thanks! About that width: I have exactly 12" to work with in wood width (that's just the size of wood I have handy, damn my luck!) Would it look okay if I modded the body shape to get rid of that half inch, or would it simply be worth it to buy a wider blank to make it look "right"?

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yes, thats the beauty of making your ownd guitar, you can mod the hell out of the shape you want, but i see one problem, generally the width of the lower bout goes out at least as far as the horns, and on a strat the distance is eathier small or nonexistant, so making a smaller bottom part will throw the entire body out of proportion, so you would have to decrease the horns also, but just draw it up and make sure it looks good to you, because thats what matters

damn it a minute to late,

im looking at my strat right now and the upper horn sticks out as much as the lower bout, so it might be a problem

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