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Drop D tuners

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Hello guys! Just wondered if anyone has any experience with the drop d tuners? As in installing them and getting hold of them! Can they be applied to any trem system or do you have to actually buy a dedicated unit? Any info would be appreciated! I'm looking at using one on a floyd type bridge... exact model not known... cost me 10 quid at a swop meet! haha!

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I'm guessing you're talking about the EVH d-tuna (are there others that attach to the trem?)

the trem has to be of the kind where the locking screws protrute behind the trem (like on the OFR, schaller or gotoh floyds). no lo-pro stuff.

it is easy to install. just remove the standard locking screw and put the d-tuna in its place.

You don't have to block the trem to use it if you're only going to fool around at the house. you will get close to drop-d tuning anyway. you will be a little off though. If you want to use it playing with a band (or recording) you will have to block the trem or it might end up sounding horrible.

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