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Can anyone help me on this?

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I have an acoustic guitar that is not in bad shape, but I want to make some serious painting on the front in tha back... Can you answer these questions?:

Note: I don't know anything about acoustic guitars in this way... All I can do is play...

-Which kind of sandpapper do I use to get the varnish/laquer (whatever) off? I want it to get nice and smooth...

-I want to paint on the guitar... Which paint should I use? I want to paint some precise stuff... I'm painting some sharp edges and stuff... So the paint musn't spread...

-Should I paint it directly on the wood, or aply some kind of coating before painting it?

-I want to spray paint the inside of the guitar... (the visible part) Will this afect tone?

Other stuff non estetichal:

-Is it possible to lower an acoustic guitar's action? (I play electric, so I would like the action to be lower and the string tension lesser without detuning it...)

-Are there diferent string gauges on nylon acoustics?

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Hopefully some of the more knowledgeable painters will chime in here.

First thing is that you probably do not want to use sandpaper. Especially on an acoustic guitar you run the risk of sanding the top too thin. Use a paint stripper of some sort. Tthis is where the others can help since I don't know what to use.

You can also paint over what is there if you don't want to strip the paint but if you go too thick you will deaden the tone. Same goes for the inside. If you go very thin or perhaps just wipe some color on the inside it may work better.

The action can be lowered by adjusting the truss rod and/or lowering the saddle. Measure everything first before you start sanding the saddle. Also be sure to accommodate for string tension. If you are going with different strings put those on before you start adjusting anything or you may have to redo the work for the new string guage.

For strings of all kinds try: Just Strings.

Hope this helps.

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