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Bass neck width

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Hey there. I am trying to build a 5 string bass, preferably neck through, but i dont know what the mesurements should be. I like the Jazz bass tapper, but where can i go to get some specks on basses whihc i would like to emulate? or, even better, does anyone here know some measurements for a bass neck width at the nut, then the 12th, then 24th. Any suggestions?

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I dont have a 5 string yet, I have a 4 and a 6 string bass but no five.

So i suggust you check out www.fender.com or ibanez.com and look at thier 5 stringers, and they usually have a neck profile and dimensions accompaning all of thier guitars and basses.

but my GEUSS is somwhere around 1 3/4'' at nut and 2 7/8'' at last fret (or heel)

welcome to the fourms :D

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