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Warwick infinity "tone chamber"

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I played a Warwick infinity SN a few days ago, and the tone was amazing. Noticing the wood was one thing, but i read it has a "tone chamber" that seems to add to its overall tone. Does anyone here know what it looks like, and if they do, how would it be possible to include that into my bass project? It seems like the bass body is two pieces glued together (top and bottom), and the tome chamber must be a space between the woods. like a cut out. Any help? imma newbie.

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AFAIK, "Tone Chamber" is a fancy way of saying "We tooke chunks of wood out of the body". They can add to the tone, much in the same way as making a guitar semi-hollow, but in some cases (Les Paul) they are used to reduce weight. Hold on a mo while I find this link I'm thinking of...

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