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pickup selector switches


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About those gibson 3-way toggle switches. When the toggle bit, pushes away one of the metal plates from the midde. Is that disconnecting that pushed away plate from the middle connection (as in deselecting whatever pickup is connected to that end of the switch)? Or is it the other way around. Example, I have wired mine, bridge pickup on the right and neck on the left. If the pickup switch is pointing towards the bridge (as in it is pushing away the little metal plate the neck pickup is connected to, does this leave the middle and bridge plate connected or is it the other way around and therefore I have wired my switch in reverse? Thanks for any help.

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You can see both contacts touching when the switch is in the middle position. Pushing to one side opens a contact and leaves the other contact touching. So...whichever contact is still connected will be a closed circuit allowing current to flow from the pickup that is wired to that side. I like to situate my pickup switch with the wire connectors pointing to the rear of the guitar ie. away from the headstock. So pushing the switch down activates my bridge pickup and deactivates the neck pickup. The bridge pickup wires are soldered to the connectors on the side of the switch that I want activated. Clear as mud? :D Its one of those simple things that are hard to describe and get confusing.

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