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Body Thickness

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Sorry to ask this question which im sure has been asked to death... I really didnt want to make a new thread, but although I found some measurements in other threads by searching, I would like an opinion or two.

I have a body blank with a maple top thats already been bookmatched and glued on, and it still only totals 38mm (1-1/2")... I understand SG's are around this thickness generally, so I know its not totally stupid... especially since im building a tele, which obviously wont have a trem.

Is there any major downsides or things I should be keeping in mind? Last thing I want to do is spoil my project because of a small oversight :D

Thanks a lot,

- Dan

I may as well add btw, the blank is maple...

ive heard some not so flattering things about solid maple bodies.. but its my first real full project so i not too worried since its quite cheap. Its quite dense and heavy-ish though right? so a thinner body might not be such a horrible thing? B)

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theres nothin wrong with goin with thin bodies, as u mentioned the sg most of em are thin round 1 1/2 inches and they are awesome sounding, my first guitar i built was around 1 1/2 inches sounds great

for a solid maple guitar, its gonna be heavier than say a mahogany body obviously but dont worry bout it, i have a solid maple esp explorer, its got emg pickups in it great for down tunning and not too bright off a tone, o yea it has a bolt on maple neck too , it has great low end suprisingly


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