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  • Guitar Of The Year 2021

    Blood Moon



    - Quilted maple top and headstock cap, natural quilted maple faux binding

    - Ribbon mahogany body

    - Roasted single-piece curly maple set neck with 2x carbon fiber rods

    - 25.5”-26.25” multiscale with perpendicular fret at 8, 24 stainless steel frets

    - Ebony fretboard

    - Locking Sperzel tuners

    - Hipshot multiscale fixed bridge

    - Bareknuckle Juggernaut humbuckers

    - Maple Auspice Maria 12th fret inlay, miraculous medal volute inlay









    Background: I started building geetars back in highschool, and although I spent my 20's playing rather than building them, I've started building again as of a couple years ago.  This is my third build since starting back into the hobby after a 10 year break or so. This is also my first 7 string and my first multiscale build, which made it challenging but fun to design and build.  Like all my builds, it was done in the garage.    My build's aesthetic themes are inspired by a personal interest in Marian theology, so the name Mediatrix, the Auspice Maria and medal inlays, and the crescent moon shapes in the logo and back contours are all derived from that symbolism. 

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