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  1. Thanks all! Re: fretboard species, I got it from Allied Lutherie and if I recall correctly it was a marked "b-grade rosewood" with no other differentiators, so I'm actually not sure of its origin other than that AL called it rosewood. May very well be East Indian, it looks very similar to their Indian rosewood listings.
  2. Carvin’ time. Profile roughed in. Profile and volute/headstock pretty close. Volute medal inlay and tuner holes finished. Carved a little wire spooling and outlet area for the neck pickup. Made a truss rod cover from left over fretboard rosewood. Side dots. Neck glued and roughly shaped in. Current state of things. My goal is to be spraying finish this week, so I’ve got a lot of work to do!
  3. Got a lot of work done on this build and forgot to post about it - mega pic dump coming right up. Sorry for the inconsistent color/quality, some were taken on a phone and some on a camera. Scarf stuff Routed for truss and carbon fiber rods. Direct mount hardware countersunk and installed. Fretboard glued, neck/headstock bandsawed. Inlays. Fretted.
  4. Confession: the amp has been done for weeks but I tore it all apart and have been designing my own ever since, here's where we stand so far! This has been insanely fun. Can't believe I put off this hobby for so many years, I've been enjoying it like I never imagined! Very satisfying to finally get my hands in there and work towards the sound in my head, although to be honest I'm still a long way from reaching that goal. Still have to settle on a bunch of component values, amp features, layout, parts, etc. before I lock in to a headshell design. I'll be sure to sha
  5. @curtisa Ok great, I had a sneaking suspicion that there might be a lot of these sorts of debates/disagreements in the amp world, similar to the stuff you get with people comparing IC chips and such in pedals. Not that it doesn't matter, just that it might be smaller 'taters in the grand scheme of things. Either way I'm curious to see if it has an audible effect, if I get any excess hum I may look to straightening those leads out first. Another question for you; I wired the jacks with the recommended shielded cable, but wasn't sure whether to twist them or not? I couldn't see the advantage
  6. Mounted the transformers, and got the power transformer wired up: Dry fit the board, got the tube, control, and ground leads to add before solder. I've made all kinds of mistakes; everything from soldering a lug before all the leads that belong there were actually there (not just once either...) to reversing the IEC neutral and hot leads, some of which are actually in these pictures from before I caught them. Before I did any voltage testing I ran through the circuit from start to finish checking the joints and leads, which is when I was
  7. Glad to rekindle some happy memories! Hopefully my memories about my first build will be happy as well... (fingers crossed) Thanks man! I know this circuit is a little more involved than the ideal starter, e.g. a champ or tweed clone, but the instructions and support from Trinity (and their community forum) looked great, so I pulled the trigger. Also, at the end of the day I'm a gainy sort of player (grew up on 70s/80s rock and heavy metal) and I wanted to build something I would actually use in more than a novelty sort of way. Got the transformer mounted and wired up la
  8. This will be the 378th time I’ve read that in the last few months - I was expecting to hear it again though! One of the books I’ve been reading had a fairly detailed list of instructions for what to do when you get a voltage so high through your arm that you can’t unclench your hand to move it off ... it was written in a way that makes me think the author had some experience in the matter, which I’ll be trying desperately to avoid. I remember the first time I modded an amp some years back I was literally sweating from nervousness around the filter capacitors. Fear not, I have a healthy r
  9. Greetings lads, I'm finally diving in on a long-term goal of being able to design and build tube amps, and this will be my first from-scratch effort. I figured I'd better start off by imitating/modifying some popular circuits before trying to design my own stuff, and this particular circuit was designed by Trinity amps. It's a mash-up of Marshall circuitry, and is somewhat like running a JCM-800 pre-amp into an 18-watt el-84 power section. I have some plans to tailor the pre-amp to taste, particularly the low end, and maybe some re-voicing of the highs at the power stage depending on h
  10. Awesome, I'll start a proper thread for the build! @komodo This is a circuit designed by Trinity amps, which is a fairly small operation working in Canada. More details to follow in the forthcoming thread.
  11. Hey gang, I'm finally dipping into building tube amps after a lot of reading and research, and I was wondering if I can post the builds here? The first place I looked was the Non-Guitar section but I don't see anyone doing amp work there; I found a post about tolexing and a couple cab threads, but the majority of topics there are about projects unrelated to guitars. Similar deal in Electronics, no amps. I know there are other amp building forums out there, but I really enjoy/prefer the community on projectguitar.com and would love to see some amp building here. Maybe if the senti
  12. Thanks brother! I actually posted pictures and a bit of text about the staining on page three of this thread, happy to expand on that if you have any questions though.
  13. Ha, thanks for the kind words! No Faustian bargains for me though, unless I stumbled into one by accident I spent most of my teens and early twenties practicing hard, but I don't have the time (or desire, if I'm being honest) to practice that hard these days, so I've mostly been coasting on the work I did back then for around 10 years now.
  14. Thanks brother, much appreciated - and congrats on GOTY, a much deserved win!
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