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  1. Thanks brother! I actually posted pictures and a bit of text about the staining on page three of this thread, happy to expand on that if you have any questions though.
  2. Ha, thanks for the kind words! No Faustian bargains for me though, unless I stumbled into one by accident I spent most of my teens and early twenties practicing hard, but I don't have the time (or desire, if I'm being honest) to practice that hard these days, so I've mostly been coasting on the work I did back then for around 10 years now.
  3. Thanks brother, much appreciated - and congrats on GOTY, a much deserved win!
  4. Great idea, thanks for all the input everyone! Got lots of methods to try out, that's for sure.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions all! I think I'll take the multiple-drill holes approach and see how it fares.
  6. Made a bit more progress on Buddy Build 1.0 Have yet to round over the edges and the heel will get a bit more shaping once the neck is glued on, but other than that the body is nearly done. Do you guys have any tips on how to cut/route/saw the slot for the blade switch? I haven't done one in 10+ years and frankly I don't even remember how I did it back then.
  7. Beautiful work, the matching carve on the back is a treat!
  8. Finished this a few months ago but never got around to submitting it. Pictures, a quick demo, and build thread first, specs and explanation after! Specs: - Quilted maple top and headstock cap, natural quilted maple faux binding - Ribbon mahogany body - Roasted single-piece curly maple set neck with 2x carbon fiber rods - 25.5”-26.25” multiscale with perpendicular fret at 8, 24 stainless steel frets - Ebony fretboard - Locking Sperzel tuners - Hipshot multiscale fixed bridge - Bareknuckle Juggernaut
  9. Thanks my friend! This was my initial plan. I don't have a cnc though, and didn't think I could do the kerfing consistently/precisely enough with hand tools to avoid splitting, so I decided to bend it without the kerfing. Yessir! it's African mahogany.
  10. Unclamped everything and roughed in the body today, really happy with the way the bevel joint came out! Nice and crisp. These were taken with the wood wet to show figure/grain, and man is that mahogany red! I pulled the color saturation DOWN on these images and it still looks super red; look how different it looks compared to my bench. Im used to mahogany looking more brown/gray, this is probably the most richly colored bit of mahogany I’ve worked with, glad he’s going to be keeping the back natural.
  11. Thanks fellas, and no @Bizman62 thankfully not - this will have a blue/gray stained top, natural faux binding a la PRS, everything else left natural under a gloss finish with a satin neck. Some planing: Here’s one of the most bizarre tricks I’ve tried: my buddy wanted a flat top with a bevel for the arm, and for the drop top to bend over and cover the entire bevel. I don’t think he realized exactly what he was asking for given the quarter-inch drop top, but I decided not to tell him and tried this technique I saw Padalka using once upon a time. Soaked the wood and slowl
  12. Hey gang, I’m getting started on a build for a friend of mine and figured I’d start up another thread. This will be a bit different from my usual stuff: he’s spec’d out a flat top PRS-custom-24-shaped geetar with HSS pickups, 3+3 headstock, and a fixed bridge. More details to follow, but here’s the starting lumber:
  13. The beard is where the shred comes from. Petrucci doesn't have that thing for nothing Ah that makes sense, I was wondering where that Queenish-mid-range was coming from in your demo. Have you ever had a chance to play the EL34 version of the 5150 III? I definitely don't "need" another amp, but the 5150 III's sound so good for modern stuff, and as much as I love the Mesa, it's 30 years old and isn't quite voiced for anything too modern. The 5150 iii is starting to temp me.... can't afford it right now, but....
  14. Is the 5150 III what you used to demo the Black Queen? It sounded awesome! And yeah I've definitely regretted selling some amps/gear over the years. Wish I would have just slowed down and thought things through before letting go of some of those keepers. I know the thumbnail looks spammy in this context, but for anyone curious I tracked a short solo yesterday to see how the guitar would sound in a full mix:
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