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  • Guitar Of The Month - January 2018


    Beautiful though @Pariahrob's Raycaster is (and it IS very beautiful :thumb: ) it seems a shame for him to be breezing along here lonely and unopposed :lol:  

    I present, therefore, the 'Swift Lite'  :)

    In terms of my building background, I started modding guitars and basses around 6 years ago and soon embarked on my first foray into the world of working with wood, producing my first scratch-build instrument about 4 years ago.  Over that time, I've gained a bit of a reputation for 'liking a challenge' - hence some of the weird and wonderful builds elsewhere on the site, and a reputation for 'you do it HOW????' - hence my standard disclaimer of 'I'll describe how I myself  do it...not necessarily the same as this is how it should be done'.  :D

    Spec of this 6-string electric, built for my own use is:

    • 25" scale
    • Camphor laurel top; sapele back; wenge demarcation veneer
    • Maple/purpleheart/mahogany neck
    • Snakewood fretboard
    • Tonerider Alnico IV Classic humbuckers
    • Vol/Vol/Tone/3-way/2off split coil toggles
    • It is the latest stage of a progressive set of builds exploring lightening guitars and basses while enhancing upper fret playability  through slim body sections while not sacrificing playability or sound
    • Presently a touch under 6lbs.  When I have replaced the three brass knobs with wooden ones, it will end at c 5-3/4 lbs.

    The background to the build is that it is a 6 string electric version of this piccolo bass I made for Pete (our band's bassist):



    And using the same woods as that used for the recent Alembic-esque electric built for Tim:



    And here it is - the 'Swift Lite':









    The build thread is here

    - Andy


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