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  1. @ADFinlaysonI’m in frome in Somerset. The bandsaw might be a squeeze! The legs are detachable though as is the table if you did want it.
  2. Oh yes. There are also straight edges, radius beams, straight edge and fret levelling files and more. Ive put this on eBay as a bundle for a stupidly cheap £800. Of someone here wants it I’ll take 10% off. Cheers.
  3. Hi all its a sad day for me. I’ve had a bit of a nightmare year. Lots of highs too but also a few things that went south and mean I won’t be building any more. Which means I have a load of gear that is taking up room that could be best used for other things. So, I’m advertising the whole lot. I don’t really want the hassle of splitting and listing on eBay so thought i’d offer at rock bottom price here. All in great condition. I’ll list the major parts here but I’ve amassed all sorts over the years and it will all be included. Ok, here goes. Pillar drill with fret press band saw with loads loads of spare blades spindle sander belt and disc sander fret slotting jig plus saw with depth guide Router sled for thicknessing fret files nut slotting tools fret nippers japanese file saw Assorted chisels, saws and files Various acrylic templates including Strat and prs as well as pickup and trem etc. There is a whole bunch of other stuff but too much too list. It’s all going to the buyer, along with woods. I have a few neck blanks, body blanks, some nice book matches tops and a set for an acoustic that includes kerfing, bridge and nut blanks. Theres also a bunch of knobs, electronics and bridges, tuners and so on. Most of it is new. Some schaller and hipshot. Plus a number of pickups including EMG and Ibanez. Essentially all the tools you need to unpack and start building. I cant use this now and I’d rather have the space so make me reasonable offer. You’ll need to collect from frome in Somerset. Thanks all and thanks to the pg folks for the site I e had a blast here and my guitar of the month win was a personal highlight Luckily i I can still play! ill add photos in a couple of days
  4. How has a month gone by!!! this build has had zero progress but next week life settles down to a more normal pace (I’m sure I’ve thought that before). @ProsthetaSorry for lack of contact. I’ll be in touch shortly!
  5. Well my update is more disaster. Not really but I had to go to Germany for a bit and caught some dodgy stomach bug that knocked me out for a bit. Got home and then my 4 year old daughter passed of some hideous bug that has been kicking me in the immune system for a while. On the mend now so so if you’ve messaged me and I’ve not replied I apologise and will be back on it soon. As for building not much movement. I tried to start carving the headless neck but stopped when I realised I was too ill to do it properly. I’ve a tele I’m building for a client that is on hold. Same thing with a strat. Monday I’ll get back on the horse. Until it throws my off into a pit of bubonic flu or galloping knob rot.
  6. Right then. I'm back! I only went mountain climbing but fell down the stairs! All good now and damage mostly healed. I've not been up to much in the way of building until the last day or two. All I've done is finish a raycaster Strat build for a client, in the same sea foam and wenge as the one shown here, although with a hotter bridge pickup. Thursday I'll be mostly working on the Llyr. Plans are to get the frets in, crowned, polished etc and hopefully start carving the neck. Good to be back in the saddle!
  7. Totally agree with @Stu. That padauk is a beast. Bet it’s quite the heavyweight though. i would to see it again in a few years. Love how padauk darkens up and turns purple. Inhave a Washburn n4 which is nearly 20 years old. I took the pickups out recently and was shocked at the difference in colour. Really gorgeous work.
  8. I had goggles and ear protection on the other when someone came in without knocking. I didn’t hear over the router and they thought it was as a good idea to tap on the the shoulder. Dropped the router in shock and very lucky no damage done to me, tools or workpiece as my initial reaction was to grab it. Luckily I stopped myself but I still had to burn my trousers! the person got a stern few words too.
  9. @curtisanot quite. It’s actually rear mounted just behind the bridge, facing toward the bottom edge. Took a bit of testing to get the best spot. That position also makes it easy to get the ground wire to the bridge. Speaking of which here’s a short video of the bridges going on. I’m doing a little testing for a magazine and took the chance to combine two tasks.
  10. Small update. More oil costs done. I’m planning two more to get to the final sheen I’m after. You can see the finish front and back in these shots along with my output jack. You can see my cavity cover too which is made from an oddly figured piece of maple stained the same mix as the top. The hole is for the usb charging socket.
  11. That’s coming on really nicely. Good save on the pickup cavities. You’d never know. The carving looks great even unfinished so will look killer once you’re done.
  12. Short day in the studio and had to focus on some animation work but did get a little time on the Llyr. Ivectrimmed the fingerboard tobthe neck and started shaping the part that lies behind the zero fret. I’m basically copying the shape of the end of the head but exposing the three piece neck. This is purely aesthetic. The main section of ebony there needs to be lowered so theres suitable break angle between the zero fret and locking nuts. Not quite sure if I’ll curve this like a Strat or do a straight drop the nuts can butt up against.
  13. Couldn’t agree more. Break it down into small neatvtasks and take care with your measurements and cuts and you’ll do just great.
  14. My current build has a similar issue. My template shifted as I was cutting the pickup cavity. I’m going for a stain and oil finish with no pickup rings so decided to repair. I spent some time looking through the iffcuts of the top and managed to match the grain closeish. Sharp chisel and a small square cut out, filled with the matching offcut then rerouted. It’s not perfect to my eye but hopefully will pass scrutiny. Just know that there are ways around mishaps but it’s probably you who notices. Everyone else will be wowed by your skills.
  15. Happy to give my opinion of it. I went for the rack version for recording and have it loaded up with some great IRs already. Only had it a couple of days but already know it’s a remarkable piece of gear. Veryvtouch redponsive and ‘playable’. ive a few tube amps, bought and built, and I have a feeling they might get a lot less love.
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