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    The Sweet Spot - Blonde


    nut: Graph Tech nu bone
    string trees: Graph Tech
    scale length: 25.5"
    fretboard radius: 12"
    frets: 22 med jumbo Jescar
    fret markers: ceramic cream .25" dots
    neck profile: vintage 'C' profile - classic strat feel
    neck format: 2 piece, heal adjust via fretboard, 6 inline reverse headstock CBS style, no headstock angle
    neck joint: sculpted access bolt-on via steel ferrules
    truss rod: Allied Lutherie flex strong - access via 19th fret spoke wheel
    neck wood: birdseye maple, rosewood fretboard, rosewood headstock veneer
    neck finish: tru oil flat w nitro clear on headstock
    Tuners: Kluson Tone Pros vintage style reverse
    Tremolo: Gotoh 510T FE1
    pickup format: 4 single coils - body mounted
    Pickups: Bootstrap custom set - oatmeal stout (8.6k A5 43AWG), golden ale (7.4k A5 42AWG), golden ale(5.6k A2 42AWG), 54 Vintage Pro (5.6k A5 42AWG)
    pickup covers: black w rosewood veneer
    Controls: master volume, 6-way 'mode' rotary, 3-way lever, push-pull (true bypass) active mid booster w volume/boost control
    modes: 1) outside singles (tele), 2) inside singles (strat), 3) outside vs inside parallel (prs), 4) 2x bridge vs 2x neck parallel, 5) outside vs inside series 6) 2x bridge vs 2x neck series (Les Paul)
    pots: bournes
    lever switch: CRL
    knobs: rosewood
    body design: based on a 62 strat template available online... but then reduced by 5% for approx 1/2" less length/width in dimensions
    body top radius: 30"
    body edge: 1/2" roundover with inset rosewood binding
    body format: solid tremolo block encoumpases two bridge pickups, birdseye neck pickup block - neck pickups sit in semi-hollow chamber, deep sculpted belly cut
    body thickness: 2.125" at center
    body wood: 1pc african mahogany w bookmatched 4A flamed maple top, rosewood binding
    body finish: champagne frost (mohawk) nitro with watco nitro clear, back is finished in tru oil flat
    It all started when I was going to build a strat.  I got some design feedback from a few guitar forums and it was pretty brutal.  Most of the comments centered around the idea that my 'blue' design was quite a departure from the std strat style.  With that in mind I did a second design of something I thought would have more of a 'traditional' feel... but I couldn't see scrapping the blue so I decided to do both.  
    I have been dreaming about a 4 pickup strat for a long time... my goal was to make something that wouldn't compromise the 'stratty' sound, but would have more hum canceling options, tele options (bridge + neck), and would do series humbucker (ie les paul) sounds fairly well.
    This is my strat.  there are many like it but this one is mine.   without me my strat is worthless... without my strat I am worthless!  Lot of lessons learned, lots of hair pulled out, lots of hours of doubt... it's the struggles and overcoming them that seem the most special to me.  As always: couldn't have done it without the advice/input/shoulders of many here who are quick with advice and help. 
    I have a facebook 'business' page... but only because I just wanted a page where I could build a shrine to my scratch builds. 
    Build thread here (note first post has all build updates uninterrupted):

    and below is my humble video demo from youtube:


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