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  1. this worked for me... but I think where you are going to likely see issue is the nut... in addition to trem setup the nut has to be cut right and they rarely are. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=carl+verheyen+tremolo+setup#kpvalbx=_RTiUX4TxN8iU-gSTqay4Dg8
  2. right on. using a 1/8 ball vs 1/4 ball makes a huge dif in the time estimate it comes up with. Also, I've noticed that the whiteside .tool database bits are set to run much faster and as such come out with much lower time estimates. I figure I'm going to be doing plenty of sanding so I'll probably just go with a 1/4 ball nose and call it good enough. afa area... right now I'm just working on the body... and everything is restricted to the bounds of the body in 90% of the area. I will keep that in mind tho - no sense wasting bit/time/etc on something that doesn't need to be carved.
  3. hehe... you are my yoda. as it were... I'm going to be facing this issue shortly I suspect as I transition to neck design for my bass. Further... current graphics card is being pushed to the limit on standard resolution... but we will be rectifying that shortly. (nother side proj coming up - building a 16 core pc!!) I will come back to this thread once I get there and I'm thinking this will be very relevant then! thank you for that! afa bit... just wondering if you are in fact going down to a tapered ball nose 1/8" bit for finishing. it appears to be the recommendation but will resu
  4. wow, that's a lovely piece of scrap. if I may - what bit do you use for the finished pass?
  5. ima b honest.... kinda blurry but... looks like some nice figure.
  6. clearly not doing historicaly accurate so... over at herald you can find design for yamaha attitude bass. https://www.electricherald.com/guitar-templates/page/2/ there are lots of folks who have the 51 pbass neck here you can find a p-bass headstock template https://www.tdpri.com/threads/p-bass-headstock-template.252557/ and this site actually has a p bass neck https://www.gitarrebassbau.de/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6
  7. just wood screws into the substrate? I used to do that with my planer board... and after a while the surface looked like swiss cheese. I spose on a cnc it's easy 'nuff to replace. ;)
  8. well then... let my start by building a shrine in my mind... by reviewing the threadsy of cycfi...
  9. i guess if one made their own truss rods... a carbon fiber wrap on the rod might be a good idea. it'd be ideal to have that carbon fiber occupying all the 'air' space in a double action truss rod.
  10. I'm not familiar with this engineering term "cutt-y"... please elaborate (hehe). well I was thinking that if you did a gloss finish over the top it would be less 'cutt-y". just spit balling here. more I think about it carbon fiber rods seem like much less effort... but the original premise was that you could use TOW carbon fiber thread, and potentially reinforce a neck 'enough' without adding all that much carbon fiber and more importantly the amount of resin you'd put in your guitar would be lessened. this was all spurred on by a thread I was reading over at talkbass where an e
  11. obviously doing it 'from home' one would expect the exact consistency and rigidity that a commercial process would yield... as all things it would have that downside... with the upside being the potential for a more malleable application. if the rigidity was comparably 'close enough'.
  12. well sir... I mean specifically... what is in your view the correct epoxy for this application? mikro mentioned that it would be a heat cured resin... is there such a think available to reg joes like myeslf?
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