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  1. looking at this pic from their website tho... it looks an awful lot like they are using green for live, and black/bare for ground. red white together for series.
  2. btw... this is/was what I'm looking at for reference: http://lh5.ggpht.com/_Er7htD-vbt4/S0NSRfPMXwI/AAAAAAAAAN8/ThmYxGVFNaQ/s640/IMG_2484.JPG
  3. looking at the blade site... these are supposed to be hum cancelling pickups. as such... my guess is there are two coils in there. looking at some gutshots from a few blade texas guitars... it looks like they use a fairly std wiring. looks like red and white go together to make the series link... black goes to live... green (and bare if there is one) go to ground. wire it up like this, and put your red/positive lead from a multimeter to the black... and black/negative lead to green/bare. I'm guessing you'll get in the 7-12k reading range using the ohm setting on your multimeter. (ohm set
  4. my fav - allied lutherie. they have a new single action low profile that is really small and light - haven't tried it yet but have plans to use it in a wizard style neck at some point. afa neck/heel adjust... pretty much any rod (as mentioned) will do either but the direction to tighten flips to opposite depending. yes - the widened bit at the headstock. you may consider how it's going to fit in there and poke thru to let you adjust. I like to try to preserve that little bit above the rod at the end there... and instead of routing from the top I would drill into the hol
  5. reading your original post - I love the spirit of challenging yourself. good for you. I'm always thinking about this and freq I bite off more than I can chew... but it always improves me. nice save on the router snafu.
  6. a freq issue is when the output jack itself is making contact with the cavity shielding. this can happen from the jack spinning into a dif position. if it's already broken... no harm in taking the jack out and inspecting it. could just be a cruddy connection... could be that the prong on the jack just needs to be bent to make better connection with the cable - all easy things to diagnose yourself. if you take the jack out of the guitar... and play it while it's out... still have problem? if not, likely making contact with the side and grounding the input.
  7. nice work. some lovely stuff there. I have one flat board guitar... you actually can get better(lower) action with no radius. It's a great guitar for slide - that was its original intention. anywho... rawk on.
  8. keeping in mind that right now I am mad from several days of cold medicine and awaiting covid testing results... ie I cannot be held responsible for anything I say/do... I remember that study and was under the impression that while the back and side didn't matter - the tops did. that's all... back to bed.
  9. missed a golden opportunity to name this build "the buckwheat" and when folks ask you why you say "cause it's full of O-tay" (bacote, zircote). seriously thought mixing those too would be super busy but it looks amazing. i appreciate your thorough documentation too. nice job and thanks for sharing.
  10. not stupid at all... but i do see some potential for issues. the p90 is a very fat sounding pickup... and even with moderate dcr they tend to sound 'louder'. as such... in order to match well with a neck pickup... the p90 would have to be really low output while the neck pickup would need to be very high output - IMO. otherwise... the p90 will just dominate the sound. might put a sep vol for the p90 so you can back it off. sm issue with splitting a humbucker with a p90. a split humbucker tends to be pretty weak unless it's a super high output humbucker. Further, combining a humbucke
  11. it is a lovely piece of mahog for sure... but if it were me... seems with the neck pocket issues a prime candidate for a lovely veneer over it. I think you may have just surpassed a member or two if we consider this one the longest ongoing guitar project! looks like you got her going in the right direction - looking fwd to the finish line.
  12. this is a lovely build... and I know your not asking for my o... but the neck transition is one of the things that really appeals to me. it looks like it is kept as think as possible as high up as possible. imo... it would use some scraping/sanding... but it's very close to something I'd be happy with. love this top. love the idea of recessed pickup rings. not overly crazy about the headstock shape... but again just looks like it could use some minor shaping. You are too much of a perfectionist!! in a good way tho. rawk on. looking fwd to seeing it alive!
  13. I don't know that he's not doing just that... I assumed he would. I usually do my pickup templates individually then trasfter them to a full teplate. probably don't need a full template at all... but IMO it's best to get the alignment perfect on mdf and make the entire transfer a no brainer. long story long... yeah - if I were you I'd make individual templates that will transfer to the body template.
  14. looks pretty solid to me... but one concern I would have is where the prs fretboard ends... you need to ensure it ends b4 the neck pickup starts. other than that... looks like a winner.
  15. looks good biz. nice job on the finish.
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