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  1. wow, once you smoothed it out that figured just jumped out at me. still... i love the look of your guitars when they are in that 'rough carved' state. is really neat.
  2. true. this is only my second time doing it and what I've learned is that I hope I never have to do it again! seriously tho... maple is really a dif animal than ebony or rosewood -if it chips you are not going to hide it at all. I took great care to not pull any chips out... it was slow and a lot of work. ended up buying those step mac chip preventers and they worked pretty good altho I didn't use the sm puller - just heated em up and worked the edges slowly with a razor blade.
  3. well thank you very much for saying so!! for the record (and those who care about my progress) I was working this morning on putting frets back on as I had a bit of a snafu when leveling and am now back to a point where I can reinstall them. Hope to move to finishing after I finish fret install/leveling.
  4. Right on... relic Tele around b nice for sho.
  5. ok... yeah i'd probably have probs playing those in tune.
  6. "nailed it" hehe, there's some beauty there... but def a bit 'out there'. transparent neck or just... no neck?
  7. yes, quite a departure for you it would seem. it would be hard to pass up such a lovely figured neck... genuinely interested to see you restore it. putting some "right" back into this crazy world. I'd plane it down and toss a nice top on it. I'd find some grain matching wood and see if I could cut plugs to match. Perhaps do a mary k finish so I could hide the match. Either that or a matching laminate for the back side - pancake style. if you haven't played a tele you haven't played guitar IMO and a tele is not a tele without a tele bridge and tele bridge pickup. IOW I'd probably turn it into a nice tele. the thought of turning it into a metal machine or humbucker guitar... well... just reminds me of that scene in 'gran torino' where clint asks the kid not to put a spoiler on it! (hehe - you do you tho) does the neck go flat? (EDIT: read your post - u say it's flat) that would be my first suspect as I wouldn't think anyone in their right mind would turn a neck like that into a chair if it wasn't warped or otherwise problematic. that said... crazier things have been done in the name of art.
  8. yeah, lots of butt joints. I would think cutting them at a 45 on chop saw with angle not visible would make shorter work and better joints... but either way gonna be a lot of work. you go!
  9. well I knew kirk/steve vai but learned larry today.
  10. I also save all the plastic bags I get in my truck and use them for garbage bags... and napkins lol... but that's more because I'm utilitarian. hehe.thanks
  11. you caused me to research the origins of larry lalonde... he was in a punk/speed metal band before primus: (just thought you'd find it interesting)
  12. well... kind of tru for any great player - other players make space if they are good. you couldn't put victor wooten in metallica either! or marcus miller... or flea for that matter! i can't help but feel larry really developed his 'primus style' to fit that band. I haven't heard much of him outside primus... but he's really a great guitar player.
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