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  • Guitar Of The Month - June 2022

    Twangmaster II


    • 2 piece white ash body
    • Quilted maple top
    • Birdseye neck with birdseye fretboard
    • Paua abalone inlay, birdseye/paua pickup covers, toggle ring, knob details
    • Bone nut
    • Jescar jumbo fretwire
    • 25.5” scale length
    • 9.5” to 12” compound radius fretboard
    • 6lbs 7.2oz total weight
    • EVH/Axis asymetrical neck profile
    • Dimarzio area t tele set (stacked single coil sized humbuckers)
    • 3-way toggle, volume “V”, rotary mode switch “M”, and true bypass active mid booster “M”

    Pickup switching modes: 

    • S1 = single coils
    • Px = parallel humbuckers crossing (bridge-top+neck-bottom and visa versa)
    • Ph = parallel stacked humbuckers
    • Sx = series humbuckers crossing (bridge-top+neck-bottom and visa versa)
    • Sh = series stacked humbuckers

    This is build #9 for me

    I have a woodworking background, built a gaggle of partscasters and then one day it dawned on me: I have a garage, some tools, and several hours each day where I’m not working or sleeping!

    This is a sister build to a similar guitar I built for my friend, Kevin.  I had just completed a few Tele, so was really not planning on building another one. But it seems to me just building one, you spend a lot of time on figuring things out and settings things up so it just made sense to build two.  Plus do we really ever own enough Teles?





    Build thread:

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