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  • Guitar Of The Month - October 2018


    I thought I'd enter my recent dreadnought acoustic build, 'Leftovers'

    Why is it called 'Leftovers'?  Because it was made largely from bits of wood and hardware, some unused sets, some offcuts, some abandoned bits, that have been hanging around just taking up space over the past few years.  The only major specific purchases were the top wood and the Shadow pickup/eq set.

    I have built it for my own use to give me a guitar configuration that sounds good fingerpicking (which my first acoustic build, an OM shape, does) but also sounds full and even when strummed (which my OM doesn't really!)

    I've been modding guitars - mainly electric 6 strings and basses - for around 8 years, and did my first full build 6 years ago.  I am essentially a hobby builder but have been asked from time to time to do commissioned builds, which is a very fulfilling thing to do, especially when you see the big grin on the new owner's face when you hand it across :)

    The build diary for 'Leftovers' is here:




     The spec is:

    • 25.5" Dreadnought Acoustic
    • London Plane Tree back and sides bought 'just in case' on a previous build
    • European spruce top
    • Maple/walnut/maple neck - offcut from a previous build
    • Macassar Ebony fretboard - offcut from a previous build
    • Tasmanian Burl Eucalyptus rosette - donated by out very own forumite  @curtisa 
    • EVO Gold Frets
    • Mix 'n match locking tuners - leftovers from a previous build
    • Ronseal polyurethane varnish, brushed on
    • Shadow Doubleplay on-board piezo/magnetic pickup and eq system
    • Elixir nanoweb 10-47 strings

    Here are some pictures:









    There are some rough old unplugged sound clips here - rough because of my playing - recorded on a zoom hand-recorder:

    Thanks for looking :)











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