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  1. Congrats on your GOTM win, @mattharris75. Well deserved - beautiful build.
  2. The doctor's banned me from watching Andertons guitar demos for similar reasons....
  3. I had to stop watching them years ago on medical advice. The doctor said, "Well, I hear what you say about the value of knowledge enrichment, Mr 1515, but it really isn't going to help your blood pressure to stand for hours in front of a computer screen, screaming, 'FOR GOODNESS SAKE, BEN, GET ON WITH IT!!!!!!!!'.
  4. That is remarkable progress I like the design. Another one to look forward to
  5. Excellent! I think the fact that it still looks good, and is clearly still playable, is a testament to just how good Yamaha acoustics are You will find this a very satisfying project
  6. Very impressive. That would certainly add a bit of 'zing' into an average acoustic open mic night The bit that I am still enamoured with is that this isn't just an amp and speaker in a guitar...this is a VALVE amp. And it sounds like one. With some judicious tweaking of the volume levels, you will be able to get the classic 'clean to crunch'. Love it
  7. Thanks, folks It was a fun project. Just got to wait for the (present) lockdown to lift and I can meet A to pass it across
  8. This is SUCH a bonkers build. I absolutely love it
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