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  1. Looking good. Are you talking just surface cracks in the lacquer? If so, I wouldn't worry about it - some folks go to extraordinary lengths just to create them...
  2. Bit more progress with this. Apologies for the post being a bit pic-heavy. The pickups arrived. The pickups themselves have a bottom multi-wire connector which, with the three way switch supplied, gives the three options of 'P' bass' (diagonal split); 'Jazz bass' ( single coil); Humbucker. They are passive, so the only connections needed to the PCB on each switch is a ground, a hot out and a 9v in to drive the LEDs: A wants a straightforward 'off/on' for each with a master volume and a master tone. We decided on this as a layout: With those large connectors, I ne
  3. Excellent news! It's worth looking on ebay, junk shops, etc for old handtools - certainly for chisels and handplanes. They are usually dirt cheap (although I think folks have started cottoning on to how valuable they still can be) and can often be restored relatively easily.
  4. It's a great shame that your course is being interrupted. That said, your demonsrated skills mean that, with just a few tools, I am sure you can still make progress, albeit slower. Decent time to practice and learn the more subtle arts of chisel sharpening, plane set up and so on? Most of my chisels and planes are old castaways...but steel is steel and they work just as well as they did when they were new 50 years ago! Renovating an old plane with a file, some emery cloth and a cheap glass chopping board is a very satisfying thinv to do
  5. A well earned win. Many congratulations. A very unique and skilful piece of work
  6. Only just catching up with this. It looks excellent For the top, you will find the Osmo Raw excellent. It really does work. On the darker wood it needs to be super, super thin and even coats otherwise the whitener will show. Wipe on, wipe off works well. Even with such a thin application, it won't need many coats but do let them dry at least 24 hours between each.
  7. Nice job Very interesting neck join for a bolt-on
  8. Season's Greetings! Apologies - I'm running a bit behind on the thread...mostly because of the organisation of the family Christmas stuff, food buying, watching MrsAndyjr1515 cooking lovely stuff (not through misogyny...more like through demonstrated incompetence of Andyjr1515) , wrapping presents, followed by the next lockdown a few days before and the urgent re-distribution of said cooked lovely stuff, wrapped presents, etc,, to the family who weren't now going to be able to visit after all But all of that is sorted, we've had the Zoom festivities and, just before the next lockdown
  9. Well, talking from the point of someone still struggling to see a piece of wood and tell if it IS quartersawn.... But when did that ever stop me pontificating... I think it's more to do with cupping of planks. The narrower the plank, the less this is an issue, so for a small square section, like a neck blank, it isn't really an issue. Beyond that, I think it's more about aesthetics.
  10. Yes - I like the look of that very much
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