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  1. I have to say that, if I hadn't been there watching him playing it, I'd have said it was two instruments. Great playing by P
  2. This restoration is coming on very nicely, by the way
  3. Allparts there in the US sell one. Any good as a blank to reshape in the style of the original? https://www.allparts.com/products/gb-2866-acoustic-top-loading-bridge?_pos=1&_sid=5c4d1f993&_ss=r
  4. And so, as a post-script. P and his delightful wife arrived last weekend to pick up the Guitar Bouzouki. And I think he would be happy in me saying he loves it For me, that is a great pleasure and relief in equal measure! P was able to bring his standard Irish Bouzouki for me to have a look at and listen to and that was fascinating. We both agreed that the Guitar Bouzouki has a much richer sound (which would be hoped and expected) and a strummed chord just goes on, beating sub-harmonics all the way, for a long, long time. The neck between the two instruments was quit
  5. Well, I've tried that technique in the past, and I haven't found a guitar, a gnome, a beer or diddly squat in the wood...
  6. Because the wood has splits and fissures anyway, presumably the join at the foot will be pretty much invisible @ScottR ? I like the carve at the top of the boots. Again, because they are such a deep projections from the leg, you really have to know you are going to be doing this way before the chisel gets anywhere near the wood. Do you have detailed drawings from multiple angles or are you doing it (forgive the pun) on the hoof? Remarkable to see the process in this level of detail.
  7. Many thanks! And yes - I know exactly what you mean. It's a good analogy. P picked it up yesterday - happily, he was delighted with it Phew! He also let me record him playing it - I'll post the clip shortly.
  8. Talking of which...do you remember my first rig for bending (a good few years ago now)? : A gas blowlamp firing down an open-ended tube that one had to lean close to in order to bend the wood over. Two lessons learnt from this: - it's difficult to see what's happening to the wood with the smoke from your jacket constantly wafting up from your chest - it's remarkable just how quickly you can get a jacket and a shirt off when they are on fire Don't be inhibited by bending wood. It's the third degree burns that you should be worried about.
  9. I was going to say, 'nice touch', but in these #metoo times, I'd better just say, 'that is a keenly observed feature of a common anatomical variation of skeletal development.'
  10. Still in the concept stage, but probably another bass. Headless, this time
  11. Thanks! Yes - very similar to an octave mandolin in many ways. This one is tuned to GDAD rather than GDAE but that's just the buyer's preference (the Irish Bouzouki is often tuned to either). And I know what you mean about mandolins! First time I strung one up, I was sure the pressure on the bridge (it had a tailstock) was going to smash its way straight through the body. But interesting you saying about the tension. I would have sworn blind that this was MUCH higher tension than a 6 string acoustic. It feels it and it sounds it. But it probably isn't so different at all.
  12. Everything about this build is quite, quite special. Top class.
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