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  1. Great info, @curtisa and very interesting project, @mistermikev . I'm firmly a spectator on this one, but it's a fascinating show!
  2. It's looking very good. I like curved tops. Adds a dollop of class
  3. Yes indeed. So far so good. First builds are particularly special
  4. Great way of doing it! (And why didn't I think of that???!!!! ) And yes - Tusq is pretty good
  5. Impressive! Especially the technique of variable burn-browning. Amazing. I used fabric dye on my first couple of stained builds. Worked well
  6. And to the nut. I have to say that, now I've got over the slightly nauseating smell when you are filing a bone blank (and a mask is essential due to the very fine and dubious-looking dust), cutting a bone nut or saddle is a very satisfying thing to do. First stage was to cut it to length and file the slight curve at the two sides: Next, I used feeler gauges to mark a line a gnat's whisker higher than the maximum fret height: Then - with the spare strings fitted - filed the slots at the correct angle and spacing with my trusty Hosco nut files:
  7. It feels good. Balances well over the knee and I reckon it is going to be good on the strap too. The body, although very thin, has a satisfying weight and the lightweight tuners result in it having not a hint of neck heaviness. I'll be able to tell better when I've cut the nut and been able to bring it to full tension, but it actually feels more like a short scale rather than a medium scale. Doesn't feel much different to a guitar, in spite of the bass strings approaching 33". Some of that is the old trick of bringing the bridge right back - learnt when I first picked up a Cort Curb
  8. Do you remember this one?? If you recall. Tom had ordered some bridge parts and tuners from Hipshot in the States just before everything cracked off with Covid and everything ground to a halt both sides of the Atlantic... Well. they've arrived And so I've spent the last few days starting to get to the finishing stages of the build. I drew out the string runs to work out how much wiggle room there was on the tuner angles (Tom likes angled tuners): I then drilled the tuner bush holes and that let me determine the bridge blocks positions: Lots and lots of c
  9. Yes - a shim is perfectly acceptable. And it won't need to be very thick. It's worth trying a piece cut from an old store/credit card. Cut it to fit between the body-side neck bolts and the heel end. Even credit card thickness might turn out to be too thick! Don't use cardboard or anything similarly compressible but even some plastic food packaging trays can be useful if there is a large enough flat piece in one of them. Personally, I would never sand the angle into the heel - it is almost impossible to get it completely flat, straight and even and you end up like trying to sort a w
  10. That sounds excellent. And the looks...well, literally 'out of this world'
  11. That is very special, @Lumberjack VERY special
  12. This. I was about to ask how old the strings are, because very old or used strings can give some exceptionally weird results for intonation. But even there, Mike is right, the harmonic simply HAS to be an octave higher than the open string, whatever it is tuned to and wherever the frets are below it. If not, then a new branch of physics has been discovered @Gary1 - can you describe to us how you are playing and measuring the harmonic?
  13. No. To my great surprise, we were tied for a pleasing number of days, but truth will always out I'm very, very happy to have got even close to a tie. That video, by the way, is the icing on the cake. It sounds scrumptious.
  14. Similar phrase that MrsAndyjr1515 uses about me, but with some small but important differences
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