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  1. Well, you learn somthing new everyday.
  2. Wow, thanks alot guys. I opened up my amp today and found out, to my surprise, that is was a solidstate But all is not lost! I found out that my problem was that I had a blown fuse. I replaced the fuse and the amp just blew it up again. I replaced it again and it started smoking and then blew. I'm going to have to buy a new amp and I'm looking at some tube ones.. so this information is really helpful. However, after playing several tube amps and can honestly say I did not see much of a difference between my Crate and the tube heads at GuitarCenter. No, I'm not here to advertise anything,
  3. I need a 2W 10K resistor for an amp discharging tool, but the local Radioshack doesn't carry them... However, they do carry 10K resistors at 1/2 W and 1/4 W and such.. As you can probably tell by now I'm a noob at wiring resistors.. my question is: Can I wire two or more resistors to get 2W 10K? I did a search on here and google but I think I'm not phrasing it right or somthing because I'm coming up with zilch. Thanks for you help guys
  4. you never see an active humbucker + a passive neck pickup in one guitar. I'm wondering because i want to put a seymour duncan blackout bridge and keep the stock dean neck (passive) pickup. Will this cause problems?
  5. i think i got that message too. it said that it couldnt restore because of an unknown error
  6. ITS FLIPPING FRUSTRATING. here is the thread on apple forums basically my ipod screen flashes on and off and no amount of button pressing helps. i was told to get a new logic board but maybe somebody has a better, cheaper fix?
  7. because i'm here i really dont like bumping things up from the dead but i'm making a flame maple pickguard and i had to ask
  8. how is that done? what kind of glue is used?
  9. whoah i just made the template.. i havent built anything yet i just looked at it and said to myself, 'damn this looks off'. i took a piece of masking tape, cut it to the length from the nut to the 12th fret, and then took that tape and placed it from the 12th fret and marked on my template. the mark is the center of the TOM but i guess my question is how far back can the low 'e' be? Actually... a better question is what angle is the TOM set at? i've searched but IMO the PG search function sucks.. right now i have it drawn on the template at about a 10 deg angle.
  10. Yes, you either slotted your fingerboard wrong, or are using a neck that is not compatible with your build. specifically what would happen? i only have one neck for this build...
  11. part 2: im using a TOM bridge at an angle; the 'd' and 'g' string saddles are in scale length but high and low e arent. is this normal?
  12. is there anything wrong with having an uneven scale length? i.e., the distance from 12th fret to bridge not being the same as the distance from nut to 12th fret?
  13. Thanks guys. i signed up to mimf and now i just have to find where to get my rhoads template. Cheers to all of you!
  14. YES!!! thank you so much!!! CHEERS!!!!
  15. * i cant find one thats under 60 freaking dollars. i dont remember where but i remember a site selling drawings for 10 bucks and then 6 bucks S&H. but i cant find that site anymore. damn you google. does anyone know?
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