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  1. The only guitar I own, a cheap Jackson, but I like it.
  2. Nevermind.. I got it now.
  3. Hi! I've just made a part of a song, and I'm going to put a melody on It now, but i can't figure out which scale/mode to use. So I really need some help. The chords are: |Em9 and Badd11| Thanks!
  4. Okey, thanks for the answers.
  5. Well, I wonder If It's possible to sit down and play a Flying V? Thanks. Daniel
  6. JSON


    We're going to record a demo in the summer sometime, I'll notify you =) ToneMonkey>Where abouts in Sweden are you? I live in the northern part of Sweden. Thanks! //Daniel
  7. JSON


    Thanks! The replies: A)It really works out great! B)They have planned to start make their own songs. C)At previous gigs they have earned up to 5000 swedish crowns, In dollars that would be like 500-600 or so. I already have a girl friend
  8. JSON


    I made it.. I'm the lead guitarist now!
  9. Hey! That's an awsome guitar! I just wish I could build one I agree with !!!METAL MATT!!!, I want a sound clip! //Daniel
  10. JSON


    Thank you all for the tips! Dugz Ink> i know what they play, and i like what they play and can guarantee (spelling?) you that It's nothing like that song syxxstring> They play covers, most of them are 60-80's Rock/Hardrock.. I think the audition will be in a week or two, I promise I'll tell you how It went. Thanks alot! Daniel
  11. JSON


    Ok,.. Thanks for the tips! //Daniel
  12. JSON


    Hi! I'm auditioning for a local band, and i wonder, since It's my first time, If i could get some tips about auditioning? What i should play and stuff like that. Thanks! Daniel
  13. I appreciate your honesty, But i like the design and as you say, that's what's important =) And I'm sure I will do some tweaking here and there until I'm completely satisfied. thanks. Daniel
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