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  1. FATALIS 7

    Body : Ash / Flamed maple top

    Neck : Maple

    24 Frets, 25.5" scale

    Bolt on, Side adjusting trussrod

    Fingerboard : Ebony

    Pickups : Lace Alumitone Deathbar&X Bar

    Tuners : Sperzel locking

    Bridge : Hipshot

    Controls : 1 volume, 5 position lever switch





    more pics: http://foto3.inbox.lv/brutal/Fatalis-7?language=en

    i haven't made thread of building this guitar on forum, but some progress pics you will find here: http://foto3.inbox.lv/brutal/seven?language=en

    Video recorded by Vladimir "Volod" Korobov - guitar player of latvian dark death metal band Preternatural.A new song from the upcoming album "Angeloid". Recorded with Line6 ux1 recording interface. Pod farm 2 / Reason limited.

  2. The only thing I hate is that facial hair is already growing in the second (amber) one. <_<

    I am with crazygtr on this. The guitar is gorgeous but that hair in the pics of the amber one are driving me crazy!!!

    me too...I want to kill a photographer

  3. So I am a little new at this but I am curious how you did those bindings to match the frets. It looks awesome and my next project (just in the design stage) is a LP copy for a friend. Would love to add some detail like that.

    It looks like he used a pattern following router bit and used the frets themselves as the pattern for the bulk of it. A razor or exacto was likely used to square up the corners where fret meets board. Elegantly simple solution.



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