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  1. Thanks for all the input. The last time I changed the strings, I lightly sanded and smoothed out the bridge. Then I put some graphite (the same stuff used for doorlocks) on all the contact points, including the nut. My strings have been lasting as long as they should with this method. I plan on replacing the bridge though.
  2. My acoustic has been giving me trouble lately as far as string life. About half the times that I put on new strings, the G string breaks right at the point where it touches the bridge in a day or two. I usually use extra light elixir nanowebs, but it has happened with other brands too. At first I thought it was the strings, now I'm not sure. There is no rough spot on the bridge either. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?
  3. I'd like to buy a body to start a project, but I've only seen some expensive sites. Does anyone know some good inexpensive sites? (I'm looking for a place that sells bodies other than just fender styles.)
  4. I put on a new A string, and now the intonation is back to normal. Thanks for the help.
  5. I adjusted my intonation after I put on a set of new strings, and all was well but the A string. I moved the saddle as far as it would go, but when the string is tuned the note is still flat at the 12th fret. This didn't happen the last times I set the intonation, and the strings are the same. What happened and what can I do?
  6. My guitar needs a new volume pot and tone pot. I looked into getting it fixed professionally, but the labor is costly. I've seen several pots on the internet and some brand names like gibson and fender. I need 500k. I'd like to know some opinions on the different brands.
  7. When my fixed bridge falls off during a string change I don't know how it goes back on. Which is right-side-up and up-side-down? It's a tune-a-matic. All of the saddles face the same way, and they are beveled so there must be a right way that it goes on. Can anyone help?
  8. I've been looking around for paint to refinish my guitar, and I've noticed that lacquer can be used for the clear coat. But what type of paint should be used for the undercoats: latex, acrylic, enamel, etc.?
  9. I've got the catalog from masecraft and they have some nice products, but I don't think I need to order enough from them to meet their $50 minimum. I've found another supplier called Sheffield Supply. They are a knife supplier and have a very large catalog online with all kinds of real and synthetic materials. The address is www.sheffieldsupply.com .
  10. How would a pearloid pickguard work? Would I be able to sand it down without effecting the appearance or is the pearl finish only on the top of the pickguard?
  11. Does Masecraft have a website or catalog?
  12. I'm wanting to make an inlay on the body of my guitar, but genuine mother of pearl is expensive. Is there anywhere that sells sheets of synthic mother of pearl or abalone? I've seen pearloid pickguards but that's about it. Does anyone know where to find anything like this? Thanks. Andrew
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