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  1. dude, you're cd must have ruled if you had a couple hundred left over. my brother made a cd with his old band, and i was there. it didn't cost them 8 a cd. i don't know how you coulda spent 8 making a cd unless you got ripped off or something......anyways,screw this place. just because i'm 16 and you guys are 50 you think you know everything. i never said i know everything, but i know about cds. i don't care i'm just gonna leave this place. every time i say anything, 10 guys try to sound smart and important by telling me i'm wrong. so screw you all, i'm not coming back
  2. Oh, I'm sorry. Oh great darren god of making cds. Should i charge what should be charged for cds, or should i be just another person trying to screw the little guy out of his hard earned money. just because the rest of you only care about money, it doesn't mean i do.
  3. tooth fairy???? i bet you guys think you're pretty clever huh?? I DON'T MAKE MUSIC FOR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I SAID I'D GET A JOB, god you guys don't listen.
  4. what?? broke my heart, were you guys talking about me?? sorry i'm too lazy to read your big long post that you put alot of time and effort into it. if your cd rocks you don't need to have some fancy design. it doesn't cost that much to make a cd. you get the recording software, and you get the cd's. sure if you sell it online you charge something called SHIPPING AND HANDLING, might be a new word for the brighter ones here......even if we did want graphics that wouldn't cost $15. conformists suck. just because you guys are all 50 and you never became famous, and made lotsa money................
  5. We're not getting signed. Yeah i know the world sucks dude, I get screwed over all the time (hehehe). but, alotta bands just "sign" themselves. they can record it and promote it, and since the music industry sucks, thats why we won't rip off the kids who wanna listen to some cool stuff. Hell, I'll have a regular job the band is just kinda a hobby.
  6. Hey thanks for all the links skibium. Yeah i'm doing a custom design, kinda like a danelectro
  7. You guys are just a bunch of bastards. Whatever happened to the golden rule, If you got nothing good to say then shut your mouth.........
  8. Uhhhh yeah, not every band is a sellout like Creed. I don't care about money, I'll have a regular job......Naive my butt, yeah I can't wait til a cheap starved bootlegged version of our song is on the internet. If people are too cheap to at least reimburse us, then screw them, I mean $3 is nothing
  9. Yeah, my band has like 2 or 3 songs. Whenever we get a full album we're not gonna charge like $8 or whatever the newer songs sell. I hate it all the bands sell out and just want money. If we only charged what it cost to make the cd , like $3 or whatever more people would buy them.
  10. yeah, but like people have said, we don't build guitars to save money. i don't wanna build a case to save money..
  11. i'm boycotting fender. except my fender princeton chorus. at least that was reasonably priced. and alot of people aren't buying fenders because they're better. but because all the famous rockstars had strats. notice with all the little kids tele's aren't a favorite.. but why?? jimi hendrix didn't play on one all the time
  12. I'm gonna build mine out of the material epiphone uses to make their les paul cases. when i got my les paul, i didn't wanna pay twice as much for a gibson case, so i just got the epiphone, and it's good. Theres gotta be some store that sells that material........
  13. damn darren chill out dude. i didn't steal crap from you.. let's just calm down and count to ten................
  14. he's good at what he does, but what he does sucks
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