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  1. oh nvm, your right i did. my bad, must have forgot.
  2. thanks, now is there any guide to changing that? just wanna be on the safe side. i got lucky when i changed the neck without any knowledge, but WAYY too lucky. so i dont want to take any chances.
  3. to change the pickguard on a p bass, does it require any desoldering etc? and what tools are required
  4. is anything soldered to the p bass pickguard? because im thinking or changing the pickguard and wondering how easy that would be
  5. it worked!1111oneoneone1111!!!! now just one question, how can I be sure of the year it was made? the serial number is E0 02176 and dont tell me to check fenders page on that, cuz i did and its hard to be sure
  6. btw, i bought it before i realized there was a reply hope for the best....
  7. but if it doesnt there can be work done so it can fit... right... wait its a fender though so yeah, they basically have a standard for necks and its same scale
  8. Ok im thinking of buying a bulelt bass deluxe neck on ebay it ends in like 2 days, the thing is i know it has a 34" scale length like my squier pbass im putting it on, i just want to know will it fit? the reason im putting it on is cuz i want my bass to be unique, but i watn to make sure it will work before i blow any money
  9. Everyone is trying to help point you in the right direction. From comments I quoted from your posts, it seems like your having a devil of a time following the tutorials. Which is understandable, especially since you have just started looking into the idea. A good book is a usually going to be more complete in explaining concepts, and give you a solid foundation as well as a handy place to look for answers with pictures and diagrams when things are a bit confusing. I keep several books around for reference, and am regularly going back to them for research (I also would recommend the wood handbook which is put out by the US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Lab., it is a very handy book covering many topics related to wood and working with wood). It will all start to make sense shortly, you just need the right source for your info. Peace,Rich ok
  10. also, im wondering if the dimarzio split-p pickup is any good
  11. trust me, i have been doing homework its just i recently decided id build my own neck.
  12. ok is it possible to actually buy a maple fretboard piece like designed for a fretboard
  13. ok heres the deal, i have a squier precision bass affinity series, 34 1/2 scale. its a pretty good bass already, but i want to make it my signiture bass basically, like in other words youll basically never find another bass exactly the same my question is, im going to buy a 1972 tele bass neck, now would that work well? its all maple maple neck maple fretboard, same scale, and the body of my bass is alder. im pretty sure that would work, but im gonna ask the pros lol. (btw i do realize i need to drill some new holes becuase of the three screws on the tele bass neck as opposed to the 4 on the squier). i bought the squier in january 2006, though im sure it dates back to 2005 or possibly 2004, but i doubt the latter and assume its a 2005.
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