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  1. Realistically they aren't blowout deals by any means, and thats only because I am not desperate for money. These guitars are all keepers, and they play fantastic for their value. Each is priced at least 50% less than retail, including the upgrades and mods. I guess what I guarentee is a professional setup, and amazing playing and sounding guitar. Like I said...prices negotiable, just email me with stuff you'd like to have in your hands.
  2. Hey, I have somehow ended up with close to 20 left handed guitars, and am in love with them all. All of them have been setup, and function fabulous for what they are. Email for specific info on each guitar, but most are in near mint condition! I simply have to unload some, so I will post most of them with asking prices. I will ship worldwide, and also part out some of the warmoth guitars. All can ship in hard cases if you'd like as well. Here's an image of most of them, minus the bodies, necks, Burny Les Paul and Warmoth Tele. 1. 2000 Les Paul Studio - Refinished, SD Alnico II pickups,
  3. Another huge bump! Projects for summer guys!
  4. Huge Bump! Didn't advertise these all winter, they are still for sale! The Warmoth Strat body is getting sanded back down to its original swamp ash state!
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