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  1. Here's my build with a TOM. The distances are the same as on an Epiphone LP. So you see the angle. But don't listen to me. This is my first build ever and I still have the neck angle to worry about (bolt on, though). EDIT: Don't worry about the fretboard in the pic. It's not glued =)
  2. Thanks! Maybe I'll post it in there. Let's just wait 'til I get the trussrod and frets done. Gotta do some neck shimming to get the right angle, too. I'm really happy with the results so far.
  3. I bought the fretboard. It's a cheaper one. I didn't want to use much money on this project, because if everything goes wrong, wouldn't be a big harm. Actually, the fretboard's the only thing I've spent money on this project. Otherwise it's been free =) Maybe my next one (if this will ever be ready) will have decent woods etc.
  4. Thanks! Let's hope everything goes well with the trussrod and frets..
  5. I haven't sanded it yet. It's now three thin layers of coat. I used a brush for the coats. Let's see how it'll look like after showing some 500 grit paper to it.
  6. A few coats and the latest one isn't dry on this pic yet. Time for some sanding tomorrow and more coats. No side-effects this time =)
  7. I know. I have a lot to learn in clearcoating. The previous one got screwed up so I sanded it down. Guess I'm resanding, swirling and clear coating these until I get 'em look right
  8. Thanks! I really like those narrow oranges. And that large yellow/green under the pickup cavities is really interesting, too.
  9. Thanks! I had quite a lot of black in there. Could've been a little less, but I like it this way.
  10. So, my black and white didn't work out so I decided to sand it down and start something different. Here's the result: Green base colour and I used black, orange and yellow for swirling. Was supposed to use green and orange but didn't find green in the stores I visited. I think it became quite interesting and a bit different than what's usually seen. What do you guys think about this?
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