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  1. Another very common misconception people like to perpetuate is that pickup pole pieces have to be directly under the strings or it won't work right. Not true. They can be pretty far off on humbuckers and it will still work fine, especially if you can adjust the individual pole pieces. All the string has to do is pass through the magnetic field, which is not some kind of very narrow thing, it's much broader than people seem to think. I have found that it matters more on single coils. But even then it can still be considerably off before it causes problems.
  2. I agree, but some people seem to think it's a really big deal. You can get FAR more out of changing the speaker than one brand of coupling cap over another. And let's not forget about the output transformer. It can have a big influence on the sound too depending on how it saturates. I like the "Octal Fatness". It has a 6SJ7 on the input into a 12AX7 which feeds a single 6V6 as I built it (power tube section is flexible). It gets nice bluesy to mildly distorted sounds. It's the only DIY build I have left. I'll never sell it LOL. I'm sort of like that too. But I like some of the heavier 80s sounds, like the dimed Marshall tone I guess. Or the EVH variac tone - "the brown sound". I generally don't like fuzz sounds when I'm playing, but a lot of times I like it when someone else is using one. I like a real smooth sounding distortion that still has a lot of dynamics and harmonics. I guess people would call that an "open sounding distortion".
  3. Paul man you and your site rocks. and lets not forget your music bro also yep you guessed it rockin. thanks for all your help i got the new fly pickups in from ed roman and they work so much better than the stock ones. ciao buddy.

  4. Are you sure that you don't have the ground & "hot" wires reversed on your output jack? Your buzzing symptoms sound a lot like the same symptoms as people get when those two wires get crossed...
  5. "Tone" is mostly in the hands. People waste soooooo much money chasing their tails with other things. It really is kind of sad, even comical. But companies selling their products to these tone chasers love it.
  6. Yeah, ceramic caps do seem to be the worst types are far as holding tolerances go. I have also noticed that pots can be all over the map, too.
  7. It's because of the tolerances probably. Ceramics are usually +/- 20%.
  8. Interesting. Yeah, I could see how it would work better with really bright sounding pickups.
  9. Interesting idea. What kind of pickups are you using, and what value are the pots?
  10. Wow, that totally sucks! I'll be on the lookout for fraudulent emails like that since I have my own website that I'm sure some schmuck on the other side of the globe would like to get.
  11. Your wall sockets will all be wired up to a common point though: Your main distribution board. You should get the earth on your house checked. You probably have a high resistance between your earth wiring and actual ground. Digital things, like laptops, are notorious for injecting all sorts of noise problems into power reticulation and when the earthing is not correct the noise doesn't get shunted to ground and causes all manner of noise issues. Keith +1
  12. Nice presentation. That makes some whacky noises!
  13. I have an old Jackson/Charvel bass that someone hacked some Jackson active pickups into. I always liked the sound of the bass, but it always had an annoying buzz when I turned the tone controls up all the way. After I did some recording the other day I thought that I should try completely shielding the control cavity with copper tape. Now the noise problem is completely gone! Funny, twenty minutes of effort eradicated years of being annoyed and not understanding why it buzzed. I tried grounding the bridge, not grounding the bridge. Shielded the pickup cavities, everything but shielding the control cavity. I guess for some reason I was thinking that the active pickup circuitry itself would not pick up extraneous noise. Live and learn!
  14. I had a bass that had a power switch on it instead of using the output jack to switch it. I hated it because I would forget to turn off the switch and then I'd have a dead battery the next day. I'd rather have to unplug the cord, less aggravating for me personally.
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