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  1. Hi all, i'm building a guitar for a friend, i have fretted the fingerboard for scale length 25.5/648 mm, the bridge is a Schaller Floyd Rose tremolo, now i have to route the neck pocket in the body but i don't understand how to calculate it, if the scale length must be 648 mm i image that the distance from the lock nut and the bridge pivot must be 648 mm but if i try to calculate it here: http://www.stewmac.com/FretCalculator/ and i choose 24 frets and 648mm length the caculator say that the distance must be: 633.706 mm (±0.5 mm) Why? in another words what i have to do when routing the n
  2. Thanks i will follow your hints next time, i have a regular ink jet printer and the template is very accurate, i placed it in already slotted fingerboard and is perfect! Greets
  3. Hi Myka thanks, i solved my problem with a software called Wfret that sw make a printable template of frets position i just cut form paper the template and fixed it onto fingerboard with doubleside adesive and then slotted the fingerboards, before do this i checked the position of frets in another neck and it's very precise. Greets Wfret can be downloaded here: ftp://mimf.com/pub/wfret.zip
  4. Hi all, this's my first post here i hope to be on Topic. I have here two shaped fingerboards with these specs: lenght: 19.75 Nut: 1.75 heel:2.25 but they are unslotted, now i need to make a tool for do a precise job without mistake fret position, i don't want purcase from stewmac or others xpensive tools! any idea? tutorial online? excuse me for errors but i live in Italy i hope that someone can understand what i mean! Greets Mirko
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