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  1. Thanks a million for that info Brian! I'll check their site out instantly and see what they've got.
  2. Man!!!! That's a beast of an 8-string! Love the carve on the back of the horns and the way they blend into the back of the neck. Really nice job. How far in does the neck sit into the body ? Where did you get the roasted flame maple from Brian ? I posted a question here the other day asking about sources for roasted figured maple. I've only really seen that one guy on ebay in the US selling it but his shipping prices are horrendous to the UK and he seems to offer more birdseye than flamed anyway.
  3. Has anybody here bought wood from this guy ? I messaged him a few days back but haven't received a reply yet. Like you said Prostheta, he hasn't been online here since the 2nd so maybe it's just a case of him being busy at the moment. Hopefully he'll check in over the weekend. I'm finding it really difficult to get hold of really nice wood stock here in the UK and that flame maple neck timber in Bob's first picture is exactly what i'm looking for. I love the amount of flame on the wood and the general colour and grain pattern along the length of the wood is really nice too. Let's hope Bob can help me out!
  4. Thanks for the replies and info guys! Much appreciated. From the descriptions and explanation of the process and its effect upon the wood structure it really does sound like it would be a perfect material for necks, and it just happens to look rather gorgeous too. I'd already seen the guy on ebay who sells roasted maple blanks. He gets some nice blanks but his shipping prices to the UK are rather pricey to say the least ($80 shipping for a single blank!!!!). I would imagine there must be a commercial wood retailer who sells this stuff in nice heavily figured maple form but if there is i can't find them.
  5. I really love the look of the Ernie Ball Musicman necks that they've been making lately from flamed and birdseye roasted maple and would love to try this wood out myself in a build but i've searched around the net for sources without much luck at all. Does anyone know where i can locate and buy some roasted (some people are calling it 'caramelized' also) flamed or birdseye maple please ? It must be available because quite a lot of guitar makers are using it but commercial builders rarely want to reveal their wood sources. Any help would be hugely appreciated! Thanks, Dave
  6. I've sent you a PM regarding neck blanks Bob! Thanks, Dave (JTM45)
  7. Looks beautiful so far man. Very nice work indeed!!! I just wanted to ask a quick question about using Carbon Fiber in a build if i could please. When used in combination with wood can you still use the same tools (router bit) that you would if you were just using wood without any problems ? Also with the thicker stuff like you used for neck reinforcing strips, is it easy to cut and work ? One of my main players is a Parker Fly Deluxe and it has to be probably the most stable, best playing guitar that i've ever owned or played (and i've owned a LOT of guitars over the years). I can only assume that the use of carbon fibre in the manufacture of these guitars is somewhat responsible for their greatness so i'd love to use some in future builds. I look forward to seeing the finished guitar!
  8. Absolutely AWESOME work man! I thought your blue Tele was good but this looks as if it might even beat that. Can't wait to see it finished .
  9. Can't wait to see this guitar finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks absolutely killer so far. Nice work RGGR. I've recently started playing 7 string guitars and I absolutely love them. I've got an Ibanez RG2027XVV which is just such a versatile guitar and I've just bought an Ibanez LACS Dino Cazares which is an absolute beast of a guitar.
  10. That's gonna' be a fantastic guitar when it's done!!!!!!!! (it's pretty awesome already actually!) Tim is a good person to have owing you favours too . He recently built me a Custom Warpig pickup with black open-coil bobbins instead of the 'distressed' cover . It's a BEAST of a pickup, probably the most powerful passive pickup I've encountered. It doesn't sacrifice it's tone to achieve the power either (like a lot of 'Name-Brand' high-gain pickups do).
  11. Awesomely Original Tele!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it,Love it, I Love it .
  12. I find that the Keeley modded pedals add very little background noise (except with everything on 10,lol). Even the Keeley MT-2tz which is a high-gain pedal is 'relatively' quiet compared with most pedals. The sound quality is fantastic too!
  13. This might be of interest on the subject of Tele's with Floyds. I spotted it for sale the other day. It's a completely stock Fender Japan Custom Shop 'EVH Tele'. It's got an EVH neck profile too and the original Floyd Rose trem. Pretty Cool guitar really!
  14. That's a great method of routing the body! I've yet to tackle making my own body but I have a brand-new template bit that I bought a while back so when I'm ready I think I'll try this method. How do you make the template to start with? Is it just a case of shaping it using hand tools as accurately as possible?
  15. Thanks for the tips about the routing 'guitman32'. "Knowledge is Power" as they say, and it helps when building a guitar,lol. As for the ferrules,no, there's really no need to put any under the bridge.The actual strings will be contacting with the bridge and not the wood (if it's the type i'm thinking of that is)so a set on the back will be fine. It'll be great to see it finished. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!
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