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  1. RESULTS! though still not quite perfect I finally had enough, and simply hooked up the driver to my Behringer gm108 15 Watt amp, and when i cranked it up to full volume, and set it to overdrive, i finally got sustain at the 12th fret (if i held it in the neck pickup position i got terrible squealing noises from the driver) so the problems i can think of: 1: the amp i built is not strong enough (i doubt it, because i don't think other people are integrating 15 watt amps into their guitars.) 2: The driver is not right in some way 2/a: the magnet maybe? can it be too weak? how can i tell?(i don't have any measuring equipment except an old multimeter) 2/b: wrong sort of wire? (i don't think so, i ordered it especially for this purpose: 0.2 mm thickness) the ohms on the driver are 8.3 ohms, and it's all potted, it has metal cores going through the coil. the amp is the Fetzer-Ruby combination, i have tested it with a speaker, it works. I don't know how powerful it is, i don't know how to test it. Please, could you tell me your opinions, on what you think the problem is, and how i might solve it?
  2. When i turn the sustainer on, there's a barely audible pop, but i don't think that's what's causing it. I didn't notice any sustain at all, if there was any, it was too litle to be noticeable, even with the coil at the 12th fret. At least one thing seems to fit: i did get the screaming feedback when i held the driver over the pickups. Another interesting thing(even though i didn't manage to reproduce it just now): about a week ago i was trying to get it to work as usual, and i accidentally put my thumb across all 3 connections of the gain pot, and i somehow started hearing some oreign radio station from my guitar amp O.o (probably croatian, since i live quite close to the border in Hungary)
  3. I did test it with a little loudspeaker, and it was a little distorted at max volume. Is distortion what i'm supposed to be aiming for, or am i misusnderstanding what overdrive means? pinout 1 and 8 do have a pot between them i built the amp according to this schematic:
  4. Thanks for the quick response. the answes to your questions: Well, there is a sort of iron core. For this driver i used what was left of an old pickup bobbin, wich has 6 iron poles going halfway through the bobbin, and having a bar magnet in the other half like so: http://www.myimg.de/?img=IMG20101129001e05a4.jpg http://www.myimg.de/?img=IMG20101129002fef1f.jpg http://www.myimg.de/?img=IMG201011290035de20.jpg http://www.myimg.de/?img=IMG201011290042ddbd.jpg http://www.myimg.de/?img=IMG201011290054fa31.jpg http://www.myimg.de/?img=IMG201011290064bac4.jpg the wire is only wrapped around the side with the poles, so it's only around a single magnetic pole. I have a simple jack plug connected to it for the time of the testing. The coil still measures a little over 8 ohms (8.3 to be more-or-less exact) I don't understand your last question. Why does the LM386 have to be overdriven?, how can i check if it is? if it isn't, how can i overdrive it, or get enough gain?
  5. sooo guys, i have a working amp(thanks for the tips on that ), the driver coil is wound, potted, the magnet is only on one side of the coil and not inside it(therefore the coil is around only one pole of the magnet), i have connected it all up, but no sustain. what can be causing this? can it be the trim pot? does it matter wich side of the strings the driver is on? (i haven't installed it on the guitar, only seperately and held it above the strings) is there anything else that might be causing this? please, i'm soooo close to getting it to work
  6. Thanks, but i doubt that's the problem: I don't have the humbucker split, and i don't have a fully working coil yet. I was just testing the sustainer amp, by hooking it up to a small 8 ohm speaker. By splitting the signal i meant sending it to both amps, not splitting the humbucker. So i got the buzzing without a driver coil, and even when i just replaced the guitar with an mp3 player, or when i didn't even have anything plugged in to the amps, with just the 2 inputs connected, so it can't be feedback. I've wound my new coil today too. I have a headache from all the glue fumes, but i think it's the most promising of all so far, so it was worth it If you have any more ideas for the amp, then i'd be grateful for any further help.
  7. okay guys, i've started again. I've got me some proper 0.2mm wire, and i'll be winding it tomorrow, nice and neat, and potting it with a ton of glue. I have a question though: When i have the signal from my pickups split, and have 1 going to the sustainer amp(fetzer-ruby), and one going to my guitar amps, i get a loud, annoying buzzing sound from the guitar amps when the sustainer amp is on. what causes this? (I noticed that adjusting the trim pot in the fetzer-ruby amp reduces this, but only a tiny bit, and it's still very loud (louder than the sound of the guitar))
  8. By a removable blade i meant it can be removed fairly easily, but it fits tightly in the bobbin and doesn't move at all. When i manage to get a diferent blade, i'll either make a new coil similar to this, or just fill out the gaps with more paint bucket lid. The bucket is not metal, it's plastic, and good plastic at that, because it can easily be cut with a box cutter, or even scissors.
  9. Well guys, i am proud to announce, that i have achieved sustain on the D string my potted driver is still buzzing, but much less than before, so maybe i'll get it right the second time, or i might be able to fix it even. i'll need a proper blade, and some stronger magnets. Thanks to PSW for the tip about the magnet being outside the coil. Now can anyone tell me: does the thickness of the blade matter? i know it should be as wide as to go through the coil, and not much more. the length is given, but how thick should it be?(the one i'm using is way too wide, i'll need to cut/find another one)
  10. okay, luckily i built the bobbin, so the magnet can easily be removed, and replaced with just about anything i want. If i put an iron or steel "blade" in there, and put the bar magnet on the bottom (with the right poles and everything) will it theoretically work?
  11. Make sure you get those little magnets the same way up, otherwise it won't work right.
  12. okay, i've given up with the original bobbin, i got the magnet, and made a sort of bobbin around it out of an old paint bucket lid, wound it, while using a tremendous amount of wood glue to pot it. Drying now. if it works, then basically my driver is done, and all that's left is the looks and putting it in a housing.
  13. Does anyone know what actually causes these vibrations? I plugged a small 8 ohm speaker into the amp, and with or without an input signal, when i turned the volume/gain up to a certain point, it started buzzing the same as my unpotted driver coil. What causes the vibration? Will simply securing the coil with wax, or glue or similar fix it? It just seems too simple to be true
  14. Also i'd suggest finding a smaller shop for components, because there they'll help you find exactly what you need. I don't know if you need ceramic caps, i'm not an electronics guy really. I had someone to help me build the circuit itsself. Thanks for the wax advice, i'll try that. For the wiring, basically you want the signal going to your guitars output jack split into 2. 1 of these goes on to the jack plug, the other goes to the amplifier circuit, then from there to the driver. You might want to install a DPDT switch between the amp and the driver, so you can switch the signal direction, thereby switching between normal and harmonic mode(at least that's the theory, i haven't got it working yet)
  15. Well to be honest it's not IN my guitar yet, i have (at the moment) the amplifier circuit with pots and whatnot in an old sweet tin, with jack out and inputs, and i gave the buzzy driver wound around the old bobbin seperately, with a male jack plug wired to it, so i can connect it all up. also, i'm planning to bave the option of using the driver coil as a low quality pickup when not "driving", and adding a sort of casing seperately to the side of the guitar(thereby eliminating the need to drill holes for the pots and switches) all i'll need is a slightly modified packplate cut out from a paint bucket lid. I still don't know how i'll wire it when i finally get it to work, but i'm working on it. I'll post it here once i get it done. Here are some pics of what i have so far: Here's the tin with all the wires, pots, and everything: http://www.myimg.de/?img=SANY0292480c0.jpg In and output jacks: http://www.myimg.de/?img=SANY0293bce4d.jpg The first replacement backplate, quite easy to make, i used a box cutter to shape it, and just forced the screws through. So far it only has a simple toggle switch, but i'll be making another one, probably with a DPDT switch: http://www.myimg.de/?img=SANY0295ec83d.jpg Here's the driver in an old pickup casing, with the jack: http://www.myimg.de/?img=SANY029870e39.jpg Here's the bobbin with the wire around it. Strangely, it had the usual rods, but also a bar magnet on the bottom. Since everyone uses bar magnets for drivers(i don't know why, but there must be a reason) i only wound around the bar magnet half of the bobbin. You can also see that the wire is just simply wound around there, and so when it is connected to the amplifier, it buzzez wildly when i turn the volume up over a certain point. any ideas to stop this? http://www.myimg.de/?img=SANY029992092.jpg Here you can see the rods, and how badly i damaged the bobbin when forcing it out of the pickup casing: http://www.myimg.de/?img=SANY03009d1ce.jpg That's all for now. If i can make up some sort of wiring schematic, i'll post it here.
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