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  1. Thanks for all the replies, being new to this site I needed to look around a little. I read the post and thought out how I want to do this. I also looked around town and found that wood epoxy putty so I'm aces at this point! I will take some pics and post them when finished. Thanks again to all of you, I just can't wait to get started!!!\ -WD-
  2. Thanks for the reply. The links look helpful and I'll have to spend some time reading up! I did seriously think about buying that squire, and a few other guitars likek that also but I wanted something to do with the actual modification and getting my hands a little dirty in the process. I have always loved woodworking and have refinished an old dean several years ago and was really satified playing that guitar in public knowing I did the work myself....I guess I'm being selfish <lol> Anyway, thanks again. the dowels are a great idea! -WD-
  3. Hi there, I recently found this site and decided that since I needed a back up guitar I would buy a cheapie and do some work on it. I bought a washburn that has 2 single coils and a humbucker, 1 volume, 1 tone, and a 5 way blade type switch. I want to refinish the guitar and I have someone lined up to do some custome graphics. I want to go with a single humbucker with a volume control only. Does anyone have any ideas of what to fill the single coil holes and other extra holes with? I was thinking of glueing a small block inside the electronics cavity and tremolo hole but I am unsure of filler material that will not look bad when sanded and painted and also possibly add to the tonal qualities of the guitar. The guitar has a basswood body, and I plan to drop a SD screaming demon into it. I also am thinking of going with a tune 'o matic bridge. The guitar had a 'vintage' tremolo and I have a floyd rose I am debating about putting into it, but I would also need to do some filling if I go with a fixed bridge. I was also thinking of filling the biggest part of the pickup holes wood blocks but am unsure of the filler material. Any help or resources greatly appreciated! Thanks, -WD-
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