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  1. Thank you !!!! Thank you for the explanation and the suggestion which I would exercise
  2. Hey all, After a long long time of not building or even touching guitars (7 years) I'm back to building. I have a guitar that had a tru oil finish (temporary for keeping the wood in a workable condition as I live in a very humid place), now that I am back, I sanded it to the bare wood again and in doing so I accidently sanded the neck pocket too much in a way that it is now 1mm shy of the neck itself and would look very bad as is once I bold a neck there... To "save" this body and avoid throwing it away (I'm a perfectionist) I thought of rounding the neck pocket until its somthing like the Ibanez AANJ style joint (see pencil marking below). I'd hate throwing it away as I really love the Imbuia top I sourced for it. Will it affect the tone much? How stable would the neck be?
  3. That is correct. My aim is basically cosmetic in doing that. I really like the accent laminate thing (now I know the term so thanks for that as well.).
  4. Hi everyone, I have a question. I am starting a new project involving a fender style neck (straight headstock and not angled). I'd like to add these decorations usually added on scarf joints. Has anyone tried these on a straight neck? How will it fare in terms of strength? Thanks
  5. Thanks Aperez. Have you had a chance to try them? Are they a match of the original?
  6. Thanks, I'm looking for a Gibson flying V guitar templates.
  7. Hi, I am searching for an accurate guitar template provider. I've tried Ronnie from guitarbuildingtemplates.com and I wasn't really happy with what I bought (it's not 100% accurate - as was stated in the terms of service - nit's not something he hides and i wasn't smart enough to go over them in the first place) the neck pocket and the neck did not match (apparently on purpose). So, I am looking for a provider of foolproof templates (the kind that I can just cut with and not make any adjustments) I would appreciate if anyone can direct me to one. Thanks !
  8. Thanks! How is it texture-wise? how does it feel while you play ? How durable is it?
  9. Hi guys, Does anyone know how Mayones did this finish ?
  10. Hi, What did you use for a filler within the inlayed cavity?
  11. Thanks all ! you made this an easy choice
  12. Thanks guys I'm from Israel which means that Grizzly are costly as muc as Makita (due to the shipping costs VAT and customs fees). My Options are DeWalt which is 2 times more expnsive, Makita and Bosch... I'd always prefer to avoid German products (Historical reasons mostly)... So it leaves me with Makita
  13. Hi all, I am an amateur builder. As such I mainly work at home and don't have much space. So until now I avoided buying a big saw and went to a woodworker when I needed sawing or plaining services. But now I want to buy a saw. which Brings me to my question: I am having trouble to decide between buying a bandsaw - probably this one: http://www.amital-ltd.co.il/ProductsImages/W128655.jpg or buying a table saw - probably this one: http://img.zap.co.il/pics/4/8/9/3/34983984c.gif What I need from the saw is straight and accurate cuts for laminating necks and bodies (also the bandsaw is adding the flexability of the option cut shapes using it). What would you advise?
  14. Thanks It's really easy to make... I used a miterbox and a fretting saw to cut the pieces so it's dead accurate and used a metal cover to drill the holes is 5 times easier than making the rings and much more fun since you could play with the combinations...
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