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  1. Ok second attempt at the designs, sorry the colours are a bit washed out, that was my scanner! Design 1: http://photobucket.com/albums/c215/idiotbo...esign1small.jpg Design 2: http://photobucket.com/albums/c215/idiotbo...esign2small.jpg Design 3: http://photobucket.com/albums/c215/idiotbo...esign3small.jpg
  2. do you have any idea where I would be able to buy a prebuilt SG bolt on neck? I live in the UK and the only replacement parts you can actually buy (to my knowledge) are strat and tele necks and bodies But thanks for the advice, I don't know things like this which is why I come here! Oh, and some opinions, here are 3 of my favourite designs so far, I know they look a lil shoddy but that's cause I am quite poor at art (don't worry, for the actual painting etc I am getting a friend to help me!) But which one(s) do you guys like? Thankyou all!
  3. Right, I'm gonna go for it! Thankyou all so much for the help and encouragement! Tomorrow morning I will draw out my final design and plans for the body etc. I will be sure to post pictures and everything as the project progresses and I will be sticking around anyway, there's a lot of nice people here and I have a lot to learn about everything! Thankyou again! And if anyone has anymore hints or anything like that feel free to post here or PM me or whatever you want to do! And once again thankyou for the help and being so welcoming you are all lovely people and have persuaded to
  4. cheers man, I think I will go for a happy medium of about 45 mm! I am planning on buying a prebuilt strat neck (bolt on) so is that gonna be thick enough? I may rebuild the neck at a later date but for now I think I will concentrate on doing a really nice job on the body! I was thinking that I will probably do an SG shape this time, I like the shape and it's the only "standard" shape of guitar I don't already have! Thankyou very much for your feedback and encouragement guys, it means a lot to! You're all such lovely people
  5. Hey man, thanks for the advice. Not sure what I was going to do for the design yet, but I was actually planning on doing a unique shape. Do you think that is too optimistic for a first build? We both already have quite competent woodworking skills so the cutting shaping etc willbe no problem. Out of interest does anyone know how deep I need the body to be to have plenty of space for the cavities? I was going to go for about 4cm but just thought one of you might have some of your wisdom to impart to a youngster
  6. Hey guys, I am totally new to all of this building malarkey and need help from all you experienced smart guys out there. Basically, I am going off to uni September next year and want to build a guitar as a final project for me and my Dad before I go, just for something we can spend time together doing cause I'm gonna miss my old man. All I have decided on so far is the pickups I plan to put in, they are bare knuckle miracle man (humbucker) pickups. I don't know what to use to make the body, how to do it or anything like that. Any help or advice would be very welcome, I have re
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