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  1. Thanks guys. I think I'll be able to work it out now
  2. Hi, Thinking of building a Tele style body and using P90s. Just wondering what suggested depth of cavities for tthe pups you guys recommend. I will be using a strat hardtail bridge and setting action reasonably low. I know these pickups are not like others for settting up pickup height. So just need a good depth suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi guys. I plan on building a neck soon and wondering If I should get a caul to press fretwire or use a hammer. Can I get a good radiused fretwire install without the caul I suppose is what I really want to know.
  4. Thanks for your posts guys. I'll try it on a cheap old chinese neck I have here and see how it goes.
  5. Hi I have a couple of maple necks. One has a satin finish and the other has no finish. Is it possible to dye the fretboards dark? maybe even black? How would I do this?
  6. Thanks for your post killemall8 Sorry, forgot to mention that this is on a blank unfretted board that was already radiused to 12 inches. Can a novice sand to 9.5 reasonably well with a 520cm long sanding block radiused at 9.5 inches?
  7. Hi Guys, Just wondering if I can change 12 inch radius fretboard to 9 1/2 inch with a sanding block?
  8. Thanks guys. There's some real good suggestions in your posts. I've downloaded a few and will try them out over the next few days.
  9. Thanks guys. I'l check that one out too
  10. Thanks Rynooo. I'll check it out
  11. Hi guys. Just wondering if anyone can suggest (maybe freeware) software for drawing guitar design plans and maybe wiring diagrams. I need something that is real easy to use/learn. Any suggestions appreciated.
  12. Hope I've posted in the right place here. Can anyone suggest where I might find a tutorial on mounting P90 soapbar pickups? The wiring side of things is not what I'm looking for just how to cut cavity, depth of cut and actually screwing them in (on foam maybe?) and adjusting height. This will be done on homemade axe. I have some humbucker height springs could I use those?
  13. Thanks curtisa. Really appreciate your help here.
  14. Just another couple of questions...I have access to mini switches so will use one of those. So DPDT switch will be used with 6 lugs for soldering. I'm assuming best bet would be for on/on and not on/off/on switch. Also, Bridge Pickup has plate attached, Should I run a ground wire to bridge? Thanks guys
  15. Thanks guys. After looking at the neck pup bottom I could see 3 solder joints 1 was where a thin wire came from the gound lead of the pickup across to the centre solder joint. So this must be where the cover is grounded. So I will snip that hair wire and run a separate ground wire from there to the ground on the volume pot. Once again, Thanks guys.
  16. Hi, Can anyone tell me where I can find a good wiring diagram of tele 2 pickups (single coils) 1 Vol, 1 Tone with added DPDT mini switch with 6 lugs for series switching? I was told that the metal neck pup cover would cause hum. The neck pickup has 2 separate wires and not screened single core wire. I have an on/on mini switch.
  17. Thanks for that info. Much appreciated. That's answered my question fully.
  18. Hi I'm building a hollow body and going to use Humbuckers with both vol and tone pots 500k log. On a wiring diagram I saw 0.22uf cap used. I like a bit of a bite out of my guitars and basically an old Tele player. Just wondering how much difference there would be in tone if I used a .05 capacitor. BTW the humbuckers I will be using have ceramic pole pieces not alnico. Appreciate any comments. I mainly play blues and country rock.
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