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  1. Haha the pile is about 50+ chisels right there. The red ones are BAHCO, and most of the wooden ones is E A Berg another Swedish and very popular brand. Thats actually the angles i normally prefer around 25° tends to hold an edge a little better when working in hard woods.
  2. @Prostheta Yeah I got that figured out after sharping a couple of chisels I think this machine and I will get along very well. @ScottR well I think that's a good name for it. The Tormek is awesome bit that wasn't really a surprise. It's Swedish after all
  3. Well not much progress on these projects, but I took some new pictures. I've been noticing that my pile of blunt chisels had grown a lot. And not got the time to sharpen them. That means new tool day to speed up the sharping process :)
  4. @Norris Well that's a nice idea, but I think that would be a huge one. We will see what i can make out of this one when it have dried up. @verhoevenc Well after reading alot of reviews of this paint it changed my mind. To much work to redo the black parts. But I think I will order a bottle soon anyway, This is perfect for another project I have in mind.
  5. Hmm future guitar build? Maybe anyway this is a big piece
  6. Damn I think I need this. Should have showed me this earlier now that I have added laquer to it Gonna need to do some sandback then.
  7. Daamn that is black, what kind of sorcery is this?!
  8. @ScottR that's about it, a couple of souls in return and the deal was done. @Prostheta Do you got any examples of this? Google wasn't that useful in this case.
  9. That's true, It did get that hellish look i was aiming for with the cracks and chunks missing in the black paint. Obviously the perfect blues guitar
  10. Thanks guys glad to hear that you like it. As promised some more pictures how it looks at the moment. Just got the neck glued in but got some sanding and stuff left. The neck is Swedish oak and padauk. But unfortunately it got an aesthetic issue. Didn't do that much thinking when cutting the pieces for it and the centre piece is a little to wide. Which made the padauk peak out on one side when cutting the taper. It Bothers me a alot but it's an easy fix, will just paint the neck solid orange and red and of course add a crackle finish to that as well.
  11. Thanks, I need to redo some parts of the crackle because it didn't crackle as much as I wanted thank God it's really easy, just need an exactoblade and rip it of like plastic sheets. It does remind me of the Etna build also! That build is one of the nicest I have seen on this site
  12. Been kind of slow work the last couple of weeks. A lot of snow and really cold weather don't really get you to excited to work in an unheated shop. But I have managed to get some progress done. Here is a little sneak peak of the progress hopefully I can add some more pictures of it during the week.
  13. yeah there is a lot of work if not using a hole saw, But absolutely possible, but I would just buy one
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