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  1. Well said. I absolutely share your opinion on the historic and material value on the neck I'm working on. Considering the growing amount of fretless conversions you see on ebay these days (the 80s were a bad time for Fender Instruments, finish-, fretwork, and pickupwise), one could probably make a business from that. Thanks for the drawing, too. I'll post the outcome of the enterprise here as soon as there is one.
  2. Haha, cool name, crew slut (: I will consider what you said. Seems to be a wise thing since you can use it over and over again. Tell me more, please!
  3. Great! Thanks for your input everyone. I didn't know about the refret saw. Maybe a cnc router might also work, I know a luthier that owns one. It will be a nightmare to program it but at least it won't wander ... Thanks again. I will tell you how it worked out in the end.
  4. Thanks, Peter! Is was afraid someone might tell me something like this (: Seems to be the only real way to go. Except from cutting through the binding, which is one of the things you just DON'T DO ... I found this on yt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=40&v=KChTczU0dqw Any chance it might work? I wonder where he got that 'custom bit' from.
  5. Hello everybody, I just bought a 74 maple Jazz Bass neck which has been converted into a fretless by some ... intelligent ... person back in the day. There was also put a fair amount of laquer on the fretboard. I'd like to restore the neck to its former glory but I have no idea on how to get this laquer out of the fret slots. If there was no binding on the neck, I could easily re-saw them. Doas anyone have experience with that kind of problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, wolf
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