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  1. Hi, my name is Wesley from Veruc Handmade, I’m from Brazil, this is my first guitar, this work made me accept to Veruc luthier, and won a place in your luthiery , I hope you like too. Sorry for my poor English! The most dedicated Instrumentalists and why not, the devotees of guitars and luthiery professionals, this guitar was made to a high standard of quality and designed by the great Brazilian luthier Lucio Oliveira Luthier Veruc, making it a Custom HandMade guitar . Among the plans that came from my mind to this guitar, I decided to join the mahogany sustain with pickups Best Seller
  2. kikunha

    Nandiara by Veruc

    This guitar was made by Veruc (Lucio Oliveira), a great luthier from Ceará/Brazil
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